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7 Digital Marketing Agency Trust Signals To Build Credibility?

What does it take for a digital marketing agency to win your trust?

In the highly competitive world of digital marketing services, gaining the trust and loyalty of clients is crucial. As a result, digital marketing consultants that have built credible brands can charge higher rates - improving margins and increasing profitability. 

It doesn’t matter how good your services are if you don’t have customers that can afford them. Building credibility with potential customers requires much more than promises or flashy websites.

 Digital marketing agency trust signals are the foundation of creating a solid and lasting brand.

What are the most effective digital marketing strategy techniques that create credibility?

The key to success lies in building credibility through trust signals. Here they are as follows:

  1. Client List

As they say, “What you say about yourself is not important, but what others say about you is.” Revealing your client list is a great way to build trust. If possible, include the names of organizations that your firm has previously worked with and client testimonials.

  1. Transparency

Your potential clients want assurance that you are a credible marketer. Transparency is a crucial element to build trust and reduce the risk that they perceive. Explain your services, pricing, and what makes your marketing firm unique.

  1. Guarantees or Trial Periods

When you tell potential clients that they can try your services before buying them, you appear more credible - especially in the digital marketing industry, where many consultants offer guarantees when promoting their services.

  1. Client References

If you can’t provide a list of references, you probably don’t have a strong track record. Fewer than 40% of business consultants have client references to back up their claims.

Tech giants like Apple and Samsung use references to build trust with potential clients.

  1. Badges or Verification

Organizations like the Better Business Bureau and Trust verify the credibility of SEM companies with badges. They are a way to document your credentials and prove to potential clients that you have a proven track record in the digital marketing industry.

Other vital badges include:

✓ Bureau Veritas (France)

✓ American Association of Advertising Agencies

✓ British Interactive Communications Council (UK)

✓ International Data Corporation (IDC) 

The ability to trust a digital marketing agency is crucial for establishing a long-lasting relationship. Amazon, Apple, and Google have achieved remarkable success by establishing strong brands and credibility with their customers. That’s why they can charge premium rates for their services.

  1. Industry Accreditation

Many industries take accreditation seriously - especially education, finance, healthcare, and more recently, digital marketing agencies. Accreditation appears to be an effective strategy for building trust among potential clients.

One example is to become certified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. In fact, the IAB has recently focused on boosting digital marketing accreditation programs in order to provide a better value for their members.

  1. Brand Identity

Years of positive word of mouth are considered to be a credible indicator of brand strength and trustworthiness. If potential clients have heard about your company, it doesn’t matter if they know exactly who you are or not. They can easily find out more information online on sites like Yelp, Google reviews, and more.

These days, a business can’t afford to have a mediocre brand. Online reviews and social mentions are compelling methods for digital marketing agencies to build trust and increase revenue.

As digital marketing is becoming more competitive, review and social mentions will slowly become a standard requirement for different digital marketing agency.


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