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8 Costly Ecommerce Web Design Mistakes To Avoid in 2021

Did you know that the average conversion rate for optimized eCommerce websites is at 4%? That is a steep price to pay when your business could be making 1,000% more in revenue. That’s why we wanted to help you avoid any costly mistakes with your new eCommerce web design so that you can have the most optimized and profitable website possible.

Read on to learn about the eight costly eCommerce web design mistakes you do not want to make in 2021.

Mistake 1- Not Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

In 2021, 86% of Americans will conduct searches on their mobile devices and traffic from mobile devices is expected to make up 64% of all digital traffic by 2017.

Retailers like Net-A-Porter and Louis Vuitton understand this trend and have created responsive Ecommerce website designs that ensure customers can shop from anywhere using any device. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you’re missing out on a huge number of potential customers who are looking to shop from their smartphones and tablets.

Mistake 2 - Not Using User Experience (UX) Design

If you want to attract more visitors and get them to buy from your website, then you need to use UX design principles. Ecommerce stores that use UX design see 2x more revenue generated per visitor than non-design stores.

UX Design focuses on making your website more user-friendly, and it’s definitely something that you need to be doing in order to keep customers coming back to your site. Just think how hard it is to sell something on a website that’s not easy to navigate, or that takes forever to load because of too many ads, images, and other obstructions.

To make your life easier, better entrust this task to an Ecommerce design agency. Usually, they have an in-house team of experts who can provide you recommendations. Without proper training and skills, you may end up with a site that’s actually worse than what you started with.

Mistake 3 - Not Using Mobile Coupon Codes

Mobile coupon codes are a great place to start when you’re building out your eCommerce website. They’re quick and easy to integrate into your mobile website design, they offer high-value incentives to buy from your site, and they help give you a boost in the rankings with Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

To illustrate the growth of mobile coupon codes, we’ll use the example of Starbucks. This coffee chain saw a 15% increase in mobile traffic when it introduced mobile coupon codes. Mobile traffic was growing month-over-month. Once Starbucks introduced mobile coupon codes, it bumped to a 19% increase for the next month and continued to climb all the way up to 38%.

Mobile coupon codes are great for short term gains in terms of putting money in your pocket and getting more eyes on your business.  Most social media agencies recommend that you use these types of codes for a specific time. This can be a week, a day, or even an hour.

Mistake 4 - Using outdated product images

The product image is an essential element of any eCommerce web design because it helps potential buyers determine what they are buying. Too many eCommerce websites are using old images that people can’t tell what is really being sold.

This lack of quality in the product images will decrease conversions and make your website look very outdated. You need to ensure that you have updated your product images at least once a year or whenever there’s a new version of that type of product.

Mistake  5 - Using too many featured products

Your Ecommerce web design would do better if they used fewer featured products. It’s better to have a smaller number of amazing products that your visitors will love than having a large number of mediocre ones.

When you are considering the number of featured products, or exactly how many there should be, you must consider both what makes your customers happy and what will increase your conversions. Include only the best products on your website. You can always add more in the future, but you will never be able to take them out.

Mistake 6 - Not including a product description

A product description provides just as much information about your product as the actual image does and is also crucial for search engine optimization (SEO).

As you write your description, don’t forget to give details about composition, price, shipping options and payment methods. Your customers should know exactly what they are buying when they come to your store.

Mistake  7 - Using keywords that are not the same as your chosen category

You need to make sure your keywords align with the product category you’ve chosen for your shop. Consider what customers will search for, what your competitors are using and how much better it will make your shop look when using specific keywords.

You can use Google Keyword Planner to see which keyword variations will bring you more traffic and sales. If they don’t match, alter them and create a new list of relevant keywords.

One wrong move that will hinder conversions is to put a keyword that somebody else has in their product description. This happens when you buy the products of other people and then use them for your own website. It’s stealing, and you could end up paying extra money for something that is not yours.

To avoid the hassle, hire a digital marketing company to come up with a custom content strategy for your ecommerce website.

Mistake 8 - Not having clear customer service policy

No matter how small your marketing firm may be, it needs to have clear policies on how customers contact you and how they will receive support from you. Stay consistent with these policies.

Your customers must know where to go in case of emergency or need a quick response. For example, if you usually receive inquiries about your order status at 8 AM, you must inform them that this is the time they should contact you.

You don’t want to create more work for yourself by using vague answers on your FAQ page. Take the time to answer reasonable questions that are frequently asked by your customers and share your knowledge.

Final Thoughts

Ecommerce web design plays a crucial role on your business as a digital storefront. Paying attention to the details and following the best practices in this field will help you create a seamless, user-friendly shopping experience for your customers.

Make sure that your website is up to date with the newest Ecommerce web design trends, has a clean and organized layout, offers valuable customer support and has a well-written description for each product.

Happy Web Designing!


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