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Benefits of Hiring An Ecommerce Developer With No Experience in Your Industry

The best way to hire a great developer is to find a freelancer who's done work in your industry. But what if you can't find someone who's had experience designing or building an ecommerce site in your industry?

Are you willing to take a chance and hire an ecommerce developer with no experience in your industry? Do you think you can learn to be a better developer while mentoring someone on the job? If so, then this post is for you.


1. They Are More Eager To Learn

Most Shopify web designers who have been doing the same kind of work for years are a little jaded. The spark isn't there anymore. Mentoring a new developer gives you an opportunity to continue learning and stay excited about your work, which will keep you passionate about your product and growing as an ecommerce developer.


2. They Can Build A Ecommerce Website For Less

This does not mean that you should hire the person who bids the lowest. Instead, look for a developer who is eager to build a ecommerce website and has a strong work ethic. Usually, these are the people who are willing to take on extra work for low pay because they want the experience.

They value the learning they will get from the position over the pay, which means they will do a great job.


3. Enjoy Fresh Perspectives And Ideas

One of the most rewarding parts of hiring a newbie is seeing what kind of fresh new ideas and perspectives they bring to the table. They've never done anything like this before and they have no preconceived notions on how it should be done. It is a great opportunity to learn from someone else's perspective.

Exchange of concepts between developers is an invaluable resource. You can learn from each other and create a better ecommerce website in the process.


4.  They Are More Updated About The Latest Technology

Because developers with no experience in your industry do not have the benefit of years of experience, they are more likely to know what's new and exciting.

As an ecommerce developer, you want to be able to stay on top of the latest technologies, which is hard to do if you're doing the same kind of work for years.

A great way to get new technology is to mentor someone who is new at it.


5. Their Work Ethic Will Go Above And Beyond

Compared to tenured developers, new developers have a fire burning in them to prove themselves. They will go the extra mile for you and your brand. Use this to your advantage. When you're hiring an ecommerce developer, look for someone who is willing to get off of his or her butt and do some extra work for you. You want passion, not quiet desperation.


Don't be Afraid To Take The Risk

It just takes a creative tweak on your hiring process to find hidden gems in the developer community. Whether you're looking for a Magento web developer, Shopify website builder, or WordPress developer, remember to believe in your gut. If you feel like you can learn something from this person before hiring him or her, then do it.


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