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Boost Your Profile Rank by Adding a Partner Badge to Your Website

Why add a badge to your website?

In one of our previous blogs (‘Optimize Your Profile to Rank Higher on eComm.Network’) we went over how you can use our member rating point system to increase your profiles ranking on our website. Another really good way to boost your ranking is to add an eComm.Network partner badge to your website.

Not only do we bump your profile score up by 15 points, propelling you up the ranking system, but by adding a partner badge to your website, you will also be adding a link back to eComm.Network which helps grow our community and increases the search engine rankings of everyone who participates in the scheme. This is because we will return the favor by publishing a link to your website on your member profile! So not only can you can reap the SEO benefits too, but also drive more traffic directly to your own website straight from your member profile, allowing people to learn even more about your business and get directly in touch with you!

So what are backlinks and the benefits of adding them?  

Everyone wants to appear high up on search engine results pages. Fact.

It makes sense, the higher up you appear, the more high quality organic clicks to your site you will receive. Backlinks are famously one of the biggest ranking factors that Google and other search engines use to establish the quality of your web pages. If a high authority site directs their visitors away and to another website, then it must be for a good reason, and search engines are very alert to this.

By members adding an eComm.Network link to their site and us linking back to them in return, we can build a network of high quality backlinks that benefit the websites of everyone involved.

Backlinks build your brand authority, so linking with reputable websites like ours will make search engines perceive you as reputable by association. This is a long-term benefit that should not be ignored.

Types of Badges.

There are a few different badges that you can actually receive to post on your website and possibly have displayed on your eComm.Network profile...

Registered Partner Badge

ecomm network registered partner badge

You get this simply by signing up as a freelancer, service provider or both. You can use this badge to link back to us from your site and reap the awesome rewards mentioned above for doing so. As this badge is handed out to everyone who signs up, it will not be displayed on your eComm.Network profile or on listing pages throughout our site.

Recommended Partner and Preferred Partner Badges

ecomm network recommended partner badge ecomm network preferred partner badge

These badges are more prestigious. Not only will you be given these badges to display on your site to give a greater sense of authority to your visitors but they will also be displayed on your profile page and next to your name on listings and search results pages.

Most importantly, earning one of these achievements instantly rockets you to the top of all listing and search results pages on the site, putting you above anyone without one and guaranteeing considerably more profile views and potential business!

These badges are reserved for people who have contributed greatly to the community or have proven their services to be of exceptional quality.

If you would like to get involved in our partnership badge scheme, then get in contact using the form below!

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