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Digital Agency:Hiring a Killer Copywriter

What And Why A Killer Copywriter

The copywriter’s job is to create content for marketing firms.

Any copywriter can put words together to advertise or market a product or service. What takes a killer copywriter apart from everyone else is their ability to create content that not just appeals to your target audience but also persuades them to take action.

Writers from a credible content marketing agency do not just string a sentence together. They are using strategies to make your potential customers compelled to take out their wallet or credit cards and make a purchase. Or at least watch a video or whatever goals you have.

At the end, they can help you make more money, which is the goal of every business. So hiring a well-versed copywriter is a good investment for your organization.

To be able to craft effective content, a copywriter needs to research and learn the topic, product, service, or anything they have to write about. Sometimes, they even end up having more knowledge about the product or the service than their client. They also research and understand their target readers.

With content that resonates with the readers, you can build customer trust. When your customers trust your ecommerce agency, they are more likely to make a purchase.


When To Hire A Copywriter?

Leave the copywriting task to the professional if doing it yourself does not deliver any result. Or your hands are already full and cannot handle writing marketing copies anymore.

It is also time to hire if you want to persuade people to buy your products or avail your service without making it so obvious, want to make something technical or mundane sound exciting, or need an outside perspective.

Actually, as long as you are running a business, you’ll need a copywriter. Besides, they are the heart and soul of a digital marketing company.


Do’s and Don’ts Of Hiring A Killer Copywriter

Hiring a copywriter can be an uphill battle. To help you onboard a one, here are some few tips:

DO know what you are looking for.

There are various types of content marketing agencies out there such as press releases, blogs, white papers, etc.

Do you want a blog post or abandoned cart emails? Be clear about what content you want the copywriter to produce because just like how contents vary in types, copywriters also come in all shapes and sizes. Knowing what you want will help you narrow down your options.

DO communicate your needs.

Tell the copywriter the purpose of your content, the writing style you prefer, the target audience, keywords, approximate word count, deadline etc. The clearer the instructions, the better and faster a copywriter can deliver an output. It will also save you unnecessary misunderstandings that can delay the work.

DO NOT give much importance to flashy resumes.

When it comes to copywriting, DO test the skill. Let them send you a writing sample. Better yet, ask for their portfolio. The portfolio will allow you to assess the skill better and decide whether they are what you’re looking for.


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