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Digital Agency Success Story: How Toy "R" Us Rewired Their Marketing Strategy?

As businesses continue to invest in digital marketing, it offers unparalleled accessibility. However, with this new frontier has come the emergence of companies that are not entirely as digitally savvy as their competitors.

Recently, Toy "R" Us acknowledged this and revealed a digital strategy they have implemented to combat the marketing challenges they face. So how does this 70-year old toy chain store get in front of the curve? Here are some learnings they discovered that could undoubtedly be extrapolated across the digital agency industry.


1. Recognize the Value of Omnichannel

Here's the thing -- buyers do not care where they buy their items. What they primarily recognize is your brand and its reputation.

Toy "R" Us has put in place a clear omnichannel strategy that makes the experience seamless for customers. Shoppers can purchase goods online and pick them up in-store without issue. They can also order goods online and have them shipped directly to their homes for minimal hassle.

Creating a single, cohesive in-store and online point of view to serve customers better is a strategy that all digital agency should consider.


2. Build Trust

Incorporating your brand's values into your messaging is a crucial element to building trust. With Toy "R" Us' focus on providing a positive shopping experience to their customers, they have fostered an environment for their shoppers that has become synonymous with them.

They can form a connected audience with their customers by providing top-notch customer service, generous return policies, and informational content for their shoppers to peruse.


3. Go Beyond the Ordinary

Toy "R" Us has taken the time to share what's new in their marketing firm space. In addition, they offer updates on the latest technologies that they are implementing in stores and share which partnerships they have formed with other businesses to extend their reach.

Recently, the company collaborated with huge companies to deliver a digital strategy that improves customer experience and brings more sales. The collaboration created a plan to boost engagement between the company and customers. Hence, they build an eCommerce website.


4. Embrace Change

The marketing firm online is constantly moving forward, and brands need to keep pace with changes to stay relevant. As a result, toy "R" Us has changed its digital marketing strategy that it may not have initially intended to. For example, they have begun utilizing their website as a platform for blogs and content creation. The content is unique to the company and provides insight into the brand's culture and values.

Maintaining quality content and maintaining relationships with other businesses needs to be done across all channels, even if it requires change on an eventual basis.


5. Don't Forget the Basics

Technology may change, but human nature will always remain the same.

Toy "R" Us has created a mobile app designed to be user-friendly and incorporates all of its products into one place. They have also invested in search engine optimization (SEO), and they continue to drive buyers back to their website with relevant content and maximize conversions.


Addressing these elements with a digital marketing  company will ensure lasting success for your business.


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