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eCommerce Design Tips to Increase Conversions

When it comes to eCommerce design there is absolutely nothing of greater importance than doing everything you can to optimize for conversions and sales!

No matter how pretty an online shop or how advanced the functionality of the site is, it matters not if it is inefficient at converting visitors into customers. Any eCommerce design agency or freelancer that doesn’t have this at the forefront of their eCommerce design philosophy is not one you want to be dealing with if profit is your priority.

With this in mind, let’s have a look at some things you should be focusing on as an eCommerce design specialist if you want to make sales for you or your clients…

eCommerce design always has to have strong call-to-actions

Your call-to-action or CTA is the most critical element you want to be focusing on when doing eCommerce web design. Your ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Add to Cart’ buttons are the clicks that bring in the cash. You need to make them stand out if you want them to get touched as much as possible.

Keep the wording sweet and short so a quick glance will make it clear what they are. And to get that quick glance in the first place ,I would recommend using contrasting colors to the majority of your website's palette. This will cause it to stand out massively and eyes to instantly be drawn to them.

Build a eCommerce website with a sense of urgency

Always include urgency when it comes to sales!

This study shows that simply creating a sense of urgency can increase conversion rates by over 300%. That is serious! That is an absolute game changer! That is the difference between failure and success!

You can do this using strategies such as limited time sales, limiting the amount of stock you have, maybe selling only a certain amount of a product for a certain price etc. Give them the reason they need to buy now and not put off their purchase. The moment someone leaves your site, there’s a good chance they won’t come back so every visit is a critical one.

Streamline your purchase journey with slick eCommerce design

The more clicks it takes for a clicker to become a customer, the less chance they will do so. A true eCommerce specialist of design knows this and will try and reduce this as much as possible.

A one click checkout solution is the best solution to look at. Having a ‘Buy Now’ button that bypasses the cart and takes you straight to checkout will reduce the faffing about found on most shopping websites. You are guaranteed to drastically reduce the amount of cart abandonments simply by using a one click sales solution in your eCommerce web development projects.

If you can't or don’t want to implement this for some reason then the least you should do is look at your forms on checkout. Are you taking data that you don’t really need? For every field you remove from the customer's purchase journey, the higher your conversion rate is going to be. Less is better. Make it as easy as possible for you prospects to become customers!



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