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eCommerce Marketing Tips for 2021 (Part 1)

When it comes to eCommerce marketing you should always be looking to improve profits through optimizing what you are doing and finding new tactics to increase sales and ROI. With that in mind, I have made a list of some essential tips and tricks to help get your ecommerce website firing on all cylinders.

Reward loyalty

Do you have a loyalty program to reward your customers for coming back for more? If not, you might want to consider implementing one as it has been shown that loyalty programs can increase a members spending by up to 18%!

Rewards can include credit towards future purchases, discounts, exclusive offers,free shipping or more. Using your creativity to come up with something unique and enticing will help make you stand out.

Loyalty schemes are also a good way to build up your mailing list which is always a good thing!

Go offline


I mean you can try implementing some offline strategies if you have a suitable product that is worth showcasing in the real world. Make luxury soaps? Hit up a big market or pop up event and make a splash that will have other people tagging you and sending engagement through the roof. Got a hashtag? Push it in the promotions material that you hand out!

Turn up the Google Ads

When people think of Google Ads they think of the first few search results that are accompanied by a tiny icon indicating it’s an ad that most people will skip over. These ads can actually be incredibly effective at drawing in hot traffic though even if the click through rates aren’t quite as good as organic search because the people that do click are actively searching for something that, if set up right, you can provide them.

Don’t forget that Google has a whole host of advertising mediums you can promote your brand on too. This includes search network partners, the Google Display Network which provides you with access to most websites you see containing banner ads, banner advertising on YouTube, videos on YouTube and even it can even deliver ads to people's Gmail inboxes based on the keywords in their emails!

Oh, and of course, Google Shopping Ads!

Push on Pinterest

Pinterest has an awesome pool of people who are passionate about arts, crafts and fashion and it provides ways for you to pull these people into your web store.

They have created ways for you to better promote your products using something called product pins that make users pins shoppable with up-to-date stock info, pricing and links that take shoppers directly to your checkout!

You can even group products together using the ‘Shop the Look’ feature to create whole outfits from different products that they can purchase together.

Facebook stores

People like to stay on platform. If a friend shares a video that plays directly in your newsfeed then you are obviously more likely to watch that than if it was a link that you had to click to load a separate website up in your browser and all that. People hate waiting in this world of instant gratification, It’s common sense.

Facebook took this knowledge and made it so that you can now integrate your online store with your Facebook page and allow you to make online sales without the shopper ever leaving Facebook’s platform. Watch your conversion rates increase because of this.

Use email marketing to bring back bouncers

When around 60-80% of shoppers abandon their carts, you know you need to plug that massive hole in your funnel!

The most effective thing you can do is have a system set up that emails people who abandon their cart to encourage them to come back and complete the online shopping experience.

There are a whole array of services that provide this capability and many eCommerce platforms will either have this feature built-in or, much more likely, have a plugin or two that you can install to achieve this.




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