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eCommerce Marketing Tips for 2021 (Part 2)

eCommerce Marketing Tips for 2021 (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of the masterpiece of material that I call eCommerce Marketing Tips for 2021!

In this series we are looking at different avenues of increasing sales that are available to us. If you haven’t read the first one yet then head over there after this one if you want some more gems to boost your eCommerce business.

Don’t neglect your mailing list

Never forget that your mailing lists are awesome! People have volunteered their email to you so that you can contact them at minimum cost. So make sure you conjure up a complete eCommerce marketing strategy around your list.

Welcome newbies with a friendly message and maybe a nice little promo code before drip feeding them emails about special promotions and your finest products. Remember to put your best foot forward.

Wishlist owners should be notified if anything changes with items in their lists like if a product goes on special offer or has just come back into stock. This alone can be a killer cart filler.

You can benefit hugely from shooting an email to shoppers a little bit after they have received their product asking for a review so that you can build up social proof on your products.

Increase signups to your mailing list by offering a discount or free delivery when they do so to help ramp up faster.

Sponsor a podcast or YouTube video.

If you are selling products in a niche that has relevant podcasts whose listeners are likely to appreciate what you sell and maybe even buy something then it is probably worth contacting the creators of that podcast to try and strike up a sponsorship deal. The same goes for YouTubers.

Do your research and look around at what is out there and what their audiences are like before approaching them so you have a better idea of the potential this has to compliment your current eCommerce marketing strategy.

You can track how well this source of traffic is doing by having them distribute a promo code that will entice new customers and give you a record of what sales the sponsorship brought you. This also allows you to offer up a commission based incentive program for them which is fair for both parties though most will insist on a set price for a sponsorship slot.

Recruit some affiliates

Much like sponsoring a podcast or YouTube video, you can look at other people to market your eCommerce business for you.

By creating an affiliate scheme, you give other people reasons to talk about your product for you. Digital marketers may even advertise directly to your store on paid platforms using their affiliate codes if they believe they can get a good return on ad spend.

As well as that, people may become enthusiastic to review your web store or individual products on their blogs, YouTube channels or other traffic sources if they know they can get a commission for all the sales they drive you.

Affiliate marketing can feel like a bit of a dirty word due to its extensive use in the digital product selling realms of overpriced, overpromising courses and get rich schemes but don’t forget… even Amazon has an affiliate scheme!

It can’t ever hurt to have others promoting your eCommerce business for you on a commission only basis!

Crank out the content!

It’s still true, content is king. High quality content can drive traffic to your eCommerce website via social media sharing and SEO (the best kinds of traffic sources).

The trick is to hone in on the pain points, frustrations, common questions and interests that your typical customer goes through before seeking your product and address those in blog form. This way, you have a chance of coming up when they search for any of these. As well, they are more likely to have their interest piqued by seeing these types of articles in their newsfeeds.

You want to not only be the place people come to source the products they need, but also to seek out the information they need and entertainment they want. It builds up brand awareness, feeds your tracking pixels high quality data and makes people perceive your online business as an authority in your area of expertise.




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