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eCommerce Marketing Tips for 2021 (Part 3)

eCommerce Marketing Tips for 2021 (Part 3)

Tips, tips, tips!!! That’s right, this is a third batch for those of you thirsty to increase your online business of selling products to people.

So strap in for some supreme suggestions of how you may increase online sales in 2021…

Pump out some videos

Videos are an amazing way of bringing attention to your brand and people to your online store. They can be embedded into your site for your visitors to enjoy and hosted on YouTube to entice more visitors.

Would a product benefit from having a demonstration video to show what it is capable of? If so, make a good quality one that’s keyword optimized on YouTube and embed it on your product page. Hopefully people searching out more information on your product will come across it and be directed to your web store if they aren’t already there.

Get in with the influencers

Content creators and influencers can be an excellent source of online sales for you. If you can find at least one influencer who is a good fit for what you are selling online then I would definitely connect with them to see if you can find a mutually beneficial way to work together.

You could discuss them reviewing or unboxing your products to promote it to the fan bases they have built up on different platforms. Fashion related brands have seen great success with Instagram influencers modeling their products.

Whether they be on Tik-Tok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or whatever, you can provide unique promo codes to all of them so that you can track how much money an influencer made you if they have been paid a fixed amount or work out their commission if they have been offered a performance based reward.

More reviews means more sales

Everyone knows that the best ecommerce websites have lots of reviews. Coincidence? Nope. You can actually see an increase in conversion rates of up to around 400% when a product has reviews thanks to the social proof it provides.

Having lots of customers can get you lots of reviews and lots of reviews will get you lots of customers. But you can still get only a few reviews from many customers by slacking on your follow up, or lots of reviews from only a few customers by making a decent effort.

The most effective way to do this is to email visitors after they have purchased and played with their new toys and ask for a review. You can even offer a reward for reviewing to properly boost the percentage of purchasers that leave a review for you. You can do this by sending a follow up email after a decent amount of time (not too short, not too long!) Especially xcellent for new products that need a quick surge of social proof to get it selling well.

Provide exceptional customer service

These days there is no shortage of ways to communicate with your customers to make sure that any questions they have are answered and any problems they have are solved as quickly as possible.

Building up a strong set of documentation with an FAQ to tackle common problems will help you streamline things, especially if the customer can be guided to their answer by some sort of AI chatbot that is able to direct them to a human with minimum hassle if the AI is insufficient.

Autoresponders should always be set up and you should provide as many ways for them to contact you as possible. Think Facebook Messenger, on-site live chat, twitter, email and contact forms.

Hell, even include your postal address! While you will unlikely receive many enquiries through post it does increase a potential customer's trust in your business.




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