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Ecommerce Web Design: 5 Ways To Make A Mobile-Friendly Website

According to the Global Web Index 2021 report, 45% of eCommerce shoppers browse products on their mobile devices. Marketing firms that want to be competitive in the eCommerce business must always keep this number in mind.

An in-depth study shows 10% of mobile users prefer to browse on their smartphones and tablets. The number will most likely increase in the coming years due to rapid growth of smartphone and tablet adoption worldwide.

According to Magento's report, 2/3 of all ecommerce stores are already responsive. Thus, a responsive website is by now an absolute must for any eCommerce business or retailer who wants to be successful in the market.

By that, here are five ways you can improve your eCommerce web design to be more mobile-friendly:

1. Upgrade Your CMS


The traditional ecommerce stores are usually built on content management systems because they make creating, managing, and updating the website faster and less error-prone. However, in the new world of eCommerce, where mobile devices lead the way, you need to think outside the box.

Since you need a mobile-friendly eCommerce web design, you now have two options: upgrade your CMS or choose a platform that is already mobile optimized.

For example, Shopify Lite, Squarespace, and WooCommerce are all based on WordPress's platform. This is the most popular app to build a ecommerce website due to its flexibility to customize each design and feature. The result is a better user experience while seeing the website on any device.

WordPress is the most powerful content management system (CMS) globally, with more than 20 million sites running it today. It is an open-source tool that allows anyone to create a website without coding skills and gives them full control.

2. Use Responsive Design

If you don't have a WordPress site, you need to review your other options and find the best solution for your business. The mobile-friendly websites follow the responsive ecommerce web design (RWD) approach. It means that mobile devices will automatically re-size the content as needed to adapt to the small screen dimensions of a typical phone or tablet.

3. Consider Using A Mobile-Friendly Ecommerce Template

There are numerous mobile-friendly eCommerce web design templates ready and waiting for you at GoJek, HubSpot, YouWave, or any other eComm store built on Shopify Lite.

The best part is the templates require no coding knowledge. All you need to do is choose, design, and upload your product catalog as your web pages.

4. Use A Responsive Product Gallery

In the traditional sense, the product gallery is a collection of small pictures or thumbnails of products displayed on the product detail page.

The problem is that these galleries can be a big time-waster when trying to navigate through them using touch gestures on mobile devices. To solve this issue, consider adding some interactive functionality to your product gallery.

You may want to showcase a description or feature of the product and provide some details about it. You could also add an option to filter the products based on category, price, size, or any other criteria that you see fit. The user can still browse through the products on their smartphone and tablets without tapping into each one to view all its details.

5. Add A Call To Action Button

A call to action is vital on any website. This tool motivates your users to do something like sign up, buy now, or browse other products. Call to action buttons are particularly important for mobile-friendly eCommerce web designs because they can be used anywhere on the website.

Be sure to place your call to action near the top of the page. When users scroll down, they are more likely to click on it instead of scrolling through a boring text block.

Ecommerce mobile-friendly design is not just about simplicity. It is also about creating a positive user experience by eliminating the need to scroll through extra information or zoom in on pictures to view details. The easier it is to browse through your site, the more likely users will come back.


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