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eCommerce Website Creation for Beginners

eCommerce Website Creation for Beginners

Understandably, lots of people are looking to get into selling online but have very little experience or knowledge with skills required to build a eCommerce website. Fortunately, that isn’t such a big issue these days as website development, and even the more complete niche of eCommerce website development, is being catered to a lot more with content management systems, website builder plugins and even software-as-a-service solutions being built with the sole purpose of making eCommerce design and development accessible to the less technically minded who are more focused on the business end of things like product creation, sourcing, logistics and mastering the different internet marketing services and channels available to bring in the customers.

Simple eCommerce website creation solutions


The most popular and easiest way to jump into ecommerce development without having to focus on the technical side of things is, by far, Shopify. Shopify is a theme based solution that can have you up and running in next to no time, without any coding. If you do need something added and tweaked but it seems a bit tricky then fear not, there is a large choice of Shopify experts who can get under the hood and make it happen. Check out our selection for a choice of charming nerds who will be happy to help.

Shopify also makes things like taking payment a breeze and automates almost anything you might need automating. Definitely the first service to look to for your eCommerce website creation needs.


Wix is a world renowned drag and drop builder that started off as means for people to create simple brochure websites for their businesses or hobbies but they have since seen the growing demand for eCommerce website creation solutions that cater to complete technical newbs and have adapted accordingly.

They have a large selection of free templates to get you started with that you can tweak to get looking just how you want it. This makes this a really good choice for creative people who want to focus more on eCommerce website design than development.

A good place to get up and running quick and easy but as you begin to scale you might want to start looking elsewhere.


Much in the same vein as Wix, the emphasis here is on simplicity in design with regards to eCommerce website creation and less on custom functionality. The no code environment is very welcoming to the weak when it comes to web development. If you are selling artistic or crafts then this might be the perfect partner to show off your aesthetically pleasing products.

If you don’t fall into this category then you might want to look elsewhere though as it can start to get costly with their premium packages compared to other options. The fact that you are limited to only one payment processor, Stripe, might be very off putting to some people as well, as good as Stripe is.


We are starting to dip our toes into the more technical waters of eCommerce website creation with the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. WordPress is a very customizable and powerful platform which was originally created for blogging but has since been adapted for absolutely everything. Drag and drop design options are available with a multitude of page creation plugins available, just make sure they are compatible with WooCommerce before investing any more.

Once set up with a good template and a visual editor, the WooCommerce and WordPress combo can be simple to use while being extremely powerful and scalable. It might be worth having someone at the ready to give a helping hand when you need it though, especially during setting up. This definitely doesn’t require a full timer though and a simple freelancer you can find on our site should suffice for the odd job you might need doing.

This is the best option for a simple eCommerce website creation tool that is also super powerful and scalable. Once setup is done, it should be simple enough for anyone with a giant pool of freelancers to help for a good price when needed.


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