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Even More eCommerce Design Tips to Increase Conversions

In yet another article, I will be continuing on with the oh-so-important theme of eCommerce design tips to increase conversions and make more sales. If you haven’t checked out the past 2 articles in the same vein then definitely check them out here and here. As for my recommendations for today, here they are…

Awesome eCommerce designers use awesome images

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a decent product photo has got to be at least worth a high single to double digit boost in conversion rates compared to a shoddy image. You don’t need a PhD in eCommerce website design to know that an online store with low rez, poorly lit and tacky images is not going to make anywhere near as many sales as if it was rocking crisp, high-def, well lit professional product images that you can zoom in on.

Your images are the first thing shoppers will look at and will almost always get more attention than the text you write. So make sure you make a real impact with your images! Multiple angles and the ability to zoom are a must.

Excellent eCommerce design is all about simplicity

White space with bigger, more prominent images and less text have been shown to consistently increase conversion rates, APV (Average Purchase Value), user engagement rates and should be the foundation and outline of any eCommerce web design project that you work on.

Start by bringing your product image to the forefront of your design and reduce distractions that will draw eyes away from them. The only thing you will want to stand out more than your images is your call to action buttons, though they should definitely be considerably smaller. Both should be above the fold.

At the same time, keep menus as unmessy as possible and make sure that navigation throughout the whole site, including product categories, is as straightforward as possible. Remember, the easier the journey from visitor to customer is, the more purchases and higher purchase values you are going to see per visitor.

Keep things concise during eCommerce website creation

It’s no secret that the people of today have considerably shortened attention spans thanks to social media and short videos, so keep this in mind when the writing is being done for product summaries and descriptions, whether it be done by you, a freelancer or a digital marketing agency.

Copy should be focused on relating to the buyer, their challenges and their goals. Remember that a product or a service is nearly always about solving a problem and/or making your customers' life better. So get straight to the point with these and make it clear that your product and company are the people to make it possible for them.

A good way to do this is to start with a summary that hits all the key points followed by a read more link that will expose the rest of the product information for those who want to dig a little deeper. Remember to keep paragraphs short and sweet and use sub-headings, lists and bullet points to make everything easily digestible.


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