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How to Hire a Magento Web Developer

You’ve decided what CMS you want to build your next project on and are looking for a Magento web developer to make your eCommerce design dreams come true. Here are some tips and methods you should use to help find the perfect Magento web developer for the task at hand…

Know what you want from a Magento web developer

This is so often overlooked and can be such a big cause of huge grievance down the line in the project. It is absolutely essential that you have very clearly defined expectations of your Magento web developer before you sign him on to build a eCommerce website for you. And I don’t mean in your mind, I mean written in black and white with zero chance of subjectivity causing confusion.

Not only will doing this help you find the perfect eCommerce developer for you but it will make sure that you and the Magento web developer know exactly what work they have to do and what the finished product will consist of. This will save confusion and arguments down the line.

Look for a certified Magento web developer primarily

If you like certainty in your life then you can definitely increase that by hiring a certified Magento web developer to breathe life into your eCommerce web design files. Being certified means that they have proven in depth knowledge of the Magento CMS, back and front end. Hiring a certified Magento web developer will make a huge difference in the confidence you have in them and give you more headspace to focus on the other aspects of the project.

Only hire experienced Magento web developers

Even if they are certified, experience is just as, if not more important than a certificate. A good Magento web developer should be a proven eCommerce specialist who can provide you with a decent sized portfolio of previous projects and testimonials. And don’t just take their word for it, contact the websites they claim to have been a part of building and validate what they are saying yourself. Don’t forget to make sure that the websites you are looking at include functionality similar to what you desire so you know that this Magento web developer has the capabilities to complete what you want of them.

Can you communicate well with the Magento web developer?

While you are vetting your potential Magento web developers it is very important to take note of how well they communicate. If their native tongue is different to yours then that is an obvious place to make sure that there won’t be any confusion. Other than language barriers, you want to make sure that they are also very clear and responsive in the responses. Friendly, succinct and responsive are key to communicating well on a project. If they are slacking on this now then they are probably going to be worse once they lock in the gig and  you start to get to work. Qualify on this before it becomes an issue down the line. Poor communication leads to mistakes and delays.


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