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How To Scale Your Ecommerce Design Without Compromising User Experience?

One of the common pitfalls of scaling your eCommerce design is the quality of the user experience.

Your product catalog may become more extensive, but with a multitude of different designs, you will increase the complexity for your users. They will have to work harder to find what they are looking for and know which page or screen is relevant. This can decrease conversion rates and time spent on site, even at a lower cost per acquisition, by targeting a larger audience segment through increased bids on search engine ads.

Designing across multiple devices also presents challenges. You should optimize your site for each device, but you will need to design for a different experience on each one. Your users should navigate your site quickly and easily while still feeling you have a global brand identity. The scale of the task increases significantly when you consider the number of languages and currencies involved in a cross-platform eCommerce project.

When developing an eCommerce website design, it is important to consider how it will work for all segments of your audience. To help you out, here are some tips and tricks on how to scale your eCommerce design without compromising user experience.


Know your target.

The more relevant your site feels to your target audience, the better the experience will be. For example, if you are selling kayaks to 20-30-year-old men in urban areas of the UK, then your design should reflect that. This means it should be clear and easy for them to find what they want, and there should be a sense of credibility and authority on the site.

In this case, your site should be designed with a dark color palette and minimize distractions from content to allow users to concentrate on finding what they need. If you sell jewelry to 20-45 working female professionals, it may be worth adding some cute ecommerce designs and more petite and colorful products. Your palette should be light and airy, and there should be plenty of imagery.

Also, you need to know what pitches will work best to bring the right customers to your site. This will include outlining content, security concerns, trust factors, user journey, and brand messaging. The more relevant the eCommerce website design is to you, the better it will perform for you.


Use multiple views for optimal comparison.

You should always have the user experience tested on different devices. For example, an individual can use a smartphone to navigate a mobile site. Your site must also be responsive and adapt to how people use and interact with their devices.

With so many variations of different screens and mobile applications, you should always have multiple views on your site. It will allow users to compare your mobile apps and your mobile experience with your site's desktop version. It will also increase sales alongside consistent brand awareness across devices.


Take advantage of global content.

Using images and copies relevant to all languages and currencies involved in your store will help with your user experience. This means that if you sell clothes to a US audience, it makes sense for your site to have different images on the product pages based on the currency used (USD, GBP, CAD).

When planning your eCommerce agency strategy, it is also worth bearing in mind that there should be some consistency between languages. For example, the same should be used for your 'terms and conditions. The reason behind this applies to your global marketing plan. If you are conducting SEO, PPC, or social media advertising to drive traffic to different markets, you will want them to experience the same look and feel across all platforms.


Your key takeaway

To build an eCommerce website, it is important that you carefully consider how your design will work for all types of users. By scaling your design, you can keep up with the number of visitors looking to buy from you online.

This is a large enough audience to boost conversions, but not too many that the site is cluttered or hard to use. In addition, your site will carry a global brand identity across language, device, and marketplace, which will make it an attractive place for all interested buyers.


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