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How to Start an eCommerce Content Marketing Agency

How to Start an eCommerce Content Marketing Agency

Why start a content marketing agency?

How to start a marketing agency with no money - Video 

Content marketing is massively on the rise. Not only because the number of eCommerce businesses and websites out there are growing rapidly but also because those store owners are beginning to realise the importance of content when it comes to SEO and that competition is fierce.

While the amount of online shops is increasing, the amount of organic listings on the first page of a search result is decreasing, getting pushed out by ads, featured snippets and other widgety things.

This all culminates in a boom of demand that a content marketing agency can benefit massively from.

Why not start a digital marketing agency that also does content marketing?

With a digital marketing agency you expect to get all your digital marketing services provided under one roof and while this is something that appeals to eCommerce business owners, it is definitely not a good place to start out.

Going straight into starting an all encompassing marketing agency is going to quickly have you spinning plates well out of your depth, and those metaphorical plates smashing down will represent your clients pleasure with your work. Specialization will allow you to focus all your energy on kicking ass at one thing which will result in super happy clients, recurring billing, reviews, testimonials, a growing portfolio and referrals.

Once business grows in reputation and revenue, you can look at expanding your offerings but it is vital to make sure that brand image is not damaged by half assing.

So how do you start a content marketing agency?

You need copywriting skills

A good place to start is being a good writer who is well versed in the fields of copywriting that your potential clients want. If this isn’t you then the first thing you need to do is make this you, or find someone who fits the bill.

If it is an eCommerce agency that you will be starting then you will need to be a competent product description writer, category writer, reviews and adept at writing blog articles about products and niche topics. Of course, your SEO knowledge should be super on point because an eCommerce marketing agency that focuses on content marketing is going to have their work cut out for them in terms of rising the ranks of results pages.

Branding and online presence

The first thing most people look at when picking a digital marketing company is their online presence. Makes sense. A design agency website reflects the digital agency and what they are capable of. If you are an ecommerce web design business then your website is the ultimate showcase of your design skills. Likewise, a content marketing agency should have a website with impeccable copy. If you visited an interior decorators office and it was decked out with garden furniture, would you hire them? You will need a social media presence that follows the same philosophy too.

Portfolios, reviews and testimonials will bring you social proof and are critical to landing clients. This will have a snowball effect, as you get more clients you will get more social proof, which in turn will get you more clients and round and round it goes. Which leads nicely to...

How do you get your first clients as a content marketing agency?

The ol’ catch 22 problem that everyone starting up faces. Take solace in knowing that every successful internet marketing agency out there started with this exact same problem and got through it to where they are today.

Once you get your online presence on point then a good start is to list your services on relevant websites. Of course, this is where I will point you to the eComm.Network sign up page to get the ball rolling but what else can you do? Well I have written an article dedicated to this topic which you can check out by clicking here.



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