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Magento Web Design Trends for 2021

Magento Web Design Trends for 2021

What was cool in 2018 may not be so cool now, especially considering how fast everything, including technology moves in this decade. While it is impossible to stay completely up-to-date on what is cool, it is definitely a good idea to periodically stand back, look at your site and at least make some design changes to stay trendy, if not go for a complete revamp. Of course, if you are looking to build a eCommerce website from scratch then you should definitely consider the following for your eCommerce website creation.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at the latest trends in Magento web design that we are seeing and consider whether they are something you should be looking at implementing either now or in the near future.


While being a staple in the eCommerce design for a while now, it is probably more important than ever in 2021 when people are being forced to look at screens more and more for work, school and even socializing.

People’s eyes and minds will thank you for keeping things simple and easy for them to navigate with subdued colors and less clutter giving them less to process before they purchase.

Scrolling effects

This is probably something you have seen ecommerce developers do during your journeys through the internet. As you scroll through the page little animations occur. The most common form of this you probably would have seen would be parallax scrolling. Where different parts of the page scroll at different rates to give an effect of depth.

Nowadays you can see objects pop into existence with animations as you scroll through them and is most commonly used as a way to draw the visitors eyes to where you want them. This shouldn’t be too jarring though in keeping with minimalism and don’t just do it for the sake of it. These scrolling effects should be implemented in your magento website design to bring attention towards your CTA, not away from it. So don’t go overboard.

Use big titles

Oversized typography is being utilised by many a eCommerce design agency and solo eCommerce developer alike to hammer forward a strong impact and demand attention where you want it.

Making your letters big and bold while standing out against the background with solid contrasting colors guarantees that the visitor will take notice and read the text so use it to promote your latest deals or benefits you offer and make sure to keep the text short and concise leaving room below to elaborate.

When doing this it is vital that you check the design works properly on all devices as overflowing text can really mess up a design on any device.

Dark mode

You know what this is, don’t pretend you don’t! Dark mode is the latest universal UX (user experience) design fad that is spreading world and device wise. Operating systems are implementing it, individual apps are implementing it and even individual users are implementing it themselves by way of browser plugins.

If you leave it to browser plugins to convert your pages to dark mode then you are at the mercy of what they think your site should look like in the dark and risk them really messing up things like your logo and branding as a whole.

This is mainly brought to the table in eCommerce design in the form of a toggle switch somewhere on your page which allows the user to change the way the page looks with a simple tap. The simplest way to do this is to have the switch make changes to the CSS on your site, negating having to reload the whole page.



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