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Magento Web Development Tools You Should Probably Be Using

Magento CMS is a powerful piece of kit that ecommerce web developers can really make the most of if they know what they are doing and they have the right tools to do so. So in this article I am going to look at some awesome tools that will help you with your Magento website development efforts.

If you are a beginner in the world of ecommerce web development then you might find some of this quite daunting and want to look at simpler options. If you wanna dive straight in then get playing and reading about these tools to make the most of them, and don’t forget to backup regularly in case you break something!


Every Magento web developer should know about It will scan your site looking for all known security vulnerabilities and will give you reports on not only the problems if found, but how you can go about fixing them up and patching that hole. It will also check out common extensions as well while it is there to make sure your ecommerce website is airtight.


If you are working on a large project then PHPStorm could be a godsend when it comes to managing and categorizing big stores efficiently. Navigating the site code is considerably easier with PHPStorm and it’s testing capabilities make it extra useful.

Easy Template Path Hints

Easy Template Path Hints makes it easier to find which paths go with certain templates or block files within a theme for a given page. This can work in the backend and the front end and can be securely turned on using additional controller parameters.

Magento PHPUnit Integration

By using Magento PHPUnit, you can use a separate database connection to test code quality under different conditions and in different scenarios without having to mess with the core system files. This makes your eCommerce web development process more test-driven, which increases the discovery of bugs and problems before launch, which is obviously a good thing.

Magento Debug

More about finding problems with your website, we have Magento Debug, an obvious debugging tool. What Magento Debug does is allow a magento web developer to see request attributes and help them understand what is going on. Logs are available that show all dispatched events and observations as well as models and collections loaded for a server request. Perfect for helping you find inefficiencies and issues in your eCommerce system.


Magento ecommerce development can involve a lot of repetitive work. MageTool is built to make the completion of these tasks a lot quicker and less involved. You can create a controller or simple modules that automate operations of your choosing and make the whole Magento web development quicker and less frustrating.

Final thoughts on magento web development tools

The Magento CMS is not for the faint of hearted. It is a seriously powerful platform that an expert in Magento development can take and make anything that they want with. It’s complexity though means that anything you can use to make things easier to digest and comprehend should be taken advantage of whenever possible and as such, building up your tool kit and getting familiar with it is critical to creating a slick workflow that outputs the best ecommerce websites you can think up.

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