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More eCommerce Design Tips to Increase Conversions


In a previous article I discussed a few different eCommerce design tips and strategies you can use to increase conversion rates and, in turn, profits for you or your clients. Given the super importance of conversion rates when you build a eCommerce website, and the fact that they can make or break an online business, I thought it best to have a look at some more eCommerce design tips that you should definitely consider implementing.

Insist the eCommerce developer implements green-bar SSL

While not strictly eCommerce design, SSL is a must have in this day and age and is absolutely required in eCommerce development or you are guaranteed to fail. No one is going to put their card details into a website that doesn’t have the little lock symbol next to the URL in the address bar.

So what is green bar or Extended Validation SSL? Put simply, it is hulked up SSL shown with a green lock instead of gray in the address bar. Most websites will have the standard lock icon and this is perfectly sufficient for usual websites. Hell, I am typing this in Google Docs and even they have deemed it decent enough. When it comes to eCommerce development though, it has been shown that upgrading to a green lock with official verification gives a super sized dose of secure feeling to your visitors.

The results? A decrease in cart abandonments, an increase in sales and, of course, boosted conversion rates!

People prefer an eCommerce website designed with multiple payment methods

This one is quite a logical one when it comes to eCommerce design. The more choice and possible options you give your shoppers when checking out, the less likely they are to leave because you don’t offer up their payment method of choice.

Of course, too much choice can be annoying as well. Try to ascertain what the most popular methods will be depending on your clientele and include those and just a couple more for added selection. Though choice and options are important, minimalism and simplicity are also important in eCommerce design, try to find the perfect balance.

Make social proof prominent in your eCommerce designs

Social proof is such a massive seller when it comes to eCommerce web design that it should be a big priority on product pages and other places too. People really want to know what other people think about a product or company before giving them money themselves. This is why reviews, or at least a star rating, should be made visible above the fold with navigating to the customer reviews being a simple and obvious task.

It’s not just your products that need social proof but your business too. People will be wary about what you have to say about yourself but you can use widgets from social media profiles to show that you have lots of likes or a good rating with, say, Facebook reviews. People want to know that the product they are buying from is good, but they also want to know that the company is dependable and provides a good service. So make sure your social media pages are not neglected and are making you look good, especially if you are advertising on the platform!



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