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More Magento Web Design Trends for 2021

More Magento Web Design Trends for 2021

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In a previous article I looked at some Magento web design trends that we have seen carrying through from 2020 and continuing to grow in 2021. After seeing it’s reception, it only made sense to check out more trends picking up steam with Magento web developers to see what is working and what you might want to implement in your own magento website development. So let’s get to it!

Sideways scrolling

Want to really make your web pages standout from other ecommerce website designs? Why not try this radical new approach to scrolling by having your website move horizontally as opposed to vertically as your visitors would be expecting. 

Responsive Design - Why It's Your Best Option

This is one of those features where there ‘just because you could, doesn’t mean you should’ philosophy needs to be applied. Pulling it off properly is not the easiest thing to do and you really need to make sure you are exciting your visitors, not confusing them.

If you do give this one a go but aren’t sure that you’ve executed it properly in your eCommerce design efforts then it might be best to abort. However, if you have pulled it off well then it will be obviously awesome and your confidence should dictate you keep with it.

Make your hero section fullscreen

Just in case you aren’t aware of what a hero section is in eCommerce website design then it is the large section of a homepage or landing page that commands the most attention and takes up a decent chunk of the above the fold content. Here is the hero section of the eComm.Network homepage to give you an idea…

Make your hero section fullscreen


Well now it’s becoming popular in eCommerce web design to make this section take up the whole of a user's screen when the page loads, making it even more prominent of a place to showcase your brand's message using visuals, video or even just text.

Of course, while eCommerce web developers are filling the whole screen on load, the visitor can still scroll down to navigate the rest of the page. This is full screen, not full page! Here's perfect step by step guide on; how to make your hero section fullscreen

Make it personal

Thanks to the power and versatility of the platform, Magento web developers can easily personalise the shopping experience for logged in users by presenting dynamic content to them based on information you have collected in the past like their purchases, wishlisted items and location.

Using this information you can present a more customized experience to the user that will make them feel more comfortable and at home inside your online store. Think about it, YouTube keeps you up past 4am by learning from you and crafting a feed of content recommendations, Netflix pretty much does the same and for a more relevant example just check out how different the Amazon shopping experience is when you are logged in compared to when you use incognito mode.

Customizing content to cater to individual users has been the foundation of success for many online businesses and with Magento, web developers can bring this to the table too when they build a eCommerce website.

Ramp up your media

In the past it has become common practice for eCommerce website designers to shy away from going too media heavy to maintain a website’s low load time and stopping people from bouncing. Fortunately, these days internet connections are really starting to speed up to the point where eCommerce web developers need not stress so much about cutting out as many bytes as possible in some sort of digital diet.

This means that you can start to look at being more generous with your product galleries pixel counts and raise the resolutions on those product videos. Don’t shove them down people's throats though. Galleries that require a mouse over to zoom in are still recommended and don’t force videos to play on page load and possibly wipe out their 4G data on their daily commute!


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