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Profile Tips

Optimize Your Profile to Rank Higher on eComm.Network

Unlike those secretive search engines who keep their ranking factors underwraps in some sort of virtual vault, making it nearly impossible for your average site owner to know how to rank their pages in search results, we are completely transparent about how ours works.

Why would we do this? Because we believe that by doing so we will increase the quality of the user experience for every one of our members and visitors. Making this community a better place for everyone.

We use a point system to score profiles so the idea is to try and rack up as much points as you can. The person with the most points will be listed at the top, the least at the bottom and everyone else ranked accordingly. It's incredibly simple!

So, on that note, let's have a look at the factors that dictate how high your profile will be displayed in search results and on listings pages and how you can increase your odds of making it to the top.

What to Optimize

Profile Description

Your profile description is the main body of your profile and is the most likely part to be read by people clicking through while looking for someone to hire. For this reason, we give a lot of points for a decently sized description. We want you to offer a good amount of insight in to yourself so that visitors can better get to know the members on our site.

At the same time, this doesn't mean that you can just bulk this out in an attempt to reach the top. So here is the simple formula...

250+ words = 10 points

Simple as that! So just try and write at least 250 words in your profile description but keep in mind, quality over quantity is what will have people clicking the ‘Contact’ button at the end of the day.


When you add skills, try to include every one that you have that you can think of. For example, a web developer would obviously put ‘Web Development’ but, where applicable, they could also add things like ‘HTML’, ‘CSS’, ‘JavaScript’, ‘PHP’ etc. Likewise, a content writer could also add things like ‘Copywriting’, ‘Product Copywriting’, ‘Facebook Ad Copywriting’ etc.

So what’s the magic number?

10+ skills = 5 points

You shouldn’t be doing this just for the points though, the more you list, the more attractive your profile will be to visitors by fully showcasing your skill set. Again, garnering more interest and hopefully, business.


Reviews are obviously a huge factor people look at when making a selection these days, whether it be a hotel, restaurant or hire. Social proof counts for so much in this day and age, instilling confidence in people’s choices. Because of this, reviews are one of the factors we have not set an upper limit on how many points you can accrue with.

1 review = 2 points

Based on this, we recommend that new members reach out to as many clients, old and new, as possible and request they review you. If you look in your dashboard after logging in, you will see a link that can be shared through email, social media or however you want. This will bring people who click it straight to your review form which is quick and simple for them to fill in.

Portfolio Listings

Portfolio listings is the other factor that has no ceiling on it. The more projects you add to your portfolio, the more points you will get. And again, the more comprehensive you make this, the more likely your profile is to convince a potential employer to get in contact.

1 project = 4 points

Of course, this is easier for you to build up yourself so offers the opportunity to get you off to a much better start. You can find the portfolio builder in your dashboard, so get in there and start adding away!

Add a Partner Badge to Your Website

Adding a partner badge to your website is a great way to quickly rack up a decent amount of points. You also receive a variety of other benefits like making a link to your website visible and clickable on your profile which gives your website an SEO boost.

Partner Badge = 15 points

Check out our blog article on how to 'Boost Your Profile Rank by Adding a Partner Badge to Your Website' for more information on how and why you should definitely do this!

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