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Reasons to Hire an eCommerce Assistant

If you are reading this then there is a good chance that you don’t need telling that running an eCommerce website can be extremely overwhelming at times! The amount of gears turning after you build a eCommerce website is many and as you scale up, they start to turn quicker.

To keep on top of things while making decent money, it is necessary to build a team. The first place to start is getting yourself an eCommerce assistant to help you with the day to day operations as you become an eCommerce coordinator.

So what are some tasks that you can offload onto your eCommerce assistant?

Have your eCommerce assistant deal with order processing

If you can’t automate this then the next best thing you can do is delegate it. If you don’t, then you will be spending precious time that you should be using to grow your business grinding away at the same mundane tasks over and over.

An eCommerce assistant can deal with entering orders, sorting shipping and doing necessary invoicing so you can get on with bigger and better things.

They can also make sure things are running smoothly, make sense, and even suggest ways to streamline the process and make it more effective, if they are good at their job. A good reason to make sure to hire well!

eCommerce assistants are perfect for customer service

Customer service can become such a huge part of an eCommerce specialist's job that it can start to take over your life, especially if you are dropshipping. This makes customer service potentially one of the first things you want to delegate to an eCommerce assistant to stop the stunting of your eCommerce development.

This includes stuff like answering questions by email, live chat, phone or on social media. There are many channels they can attack from!

Good customer service will increase your conversion rate, ROI (return on investment) and LTV (lifetime value) from your customers. Vital stuff if you want to scale to the moon!

Let your eCommerce assistant deal with returns and exchanges

Though this could fall under customer service, it is such a task that it is worth an entry unto itself. Returns and exchanges not only means dealing with, and often placating a customer to avoid bad PR, but also the processing of it all. From refunding payments, dealing with shipping related issues and making sure that your stock is kept in order through it all.

Yes, stock management, eCommerce assistants can do that too!

Keeping on top of your stock is important, and I am not talking about warehouse workers having a nap. Knowing how much you have, how much you need and when you should order some more is critical.

Of course, you should have a decent stock system set up by you or the eCommerce developer who built your online store, but they still need a helping hand to make up for returns, breakages, and all sorts of confusion that can be caused.

The sorts of confusion that you don’t want to hurt your head with while you should have your mind elsewhere. So why not hire an eCommerce assistant to deal with that for you?


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