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Reasons Why You Should Not Use a Digital Marketing Agency for eCommerce

Reasons Why You Should Not Use a Digital Marketing Agency for eCommerce

In a previous article I discussed the benefits of using a digital marketing agency over going in-house for your eCommerce advertising requirements. Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to only give one side of the story so here are some reasons why you might not want to recruit the internet marketing services of a digital agency and instead hire someone to handle the tasks in-house.

The benefits of hiring instead of using a digital marketing agency

While paying for the digital marketing services of a marketing firm definitely has its benefits (see this article <link to other article>), there are a number of reasons why it might be better to hire in house and have a full time marketer working for you. Here are a few…

They will be more focused than a digital marketing agency

For some reason it has become common for a digital marketing company to tell you that you will have a dedicated agent. This is clearly never true. Are you really paying enough to cover someone's full time salary plus the agencies cut?

It is inevitable that the person in charge of your account will be juggling several at once, which may be OK for some but many would rather have someone whose brain is busy with only one goal, getting them customers.

If dedication is something you look for in digital marketing services then you probably want to hire a dedicated marketer for your business.

You have greater control

When you hire an internet marketing agency you are paying for the services of a business and they are applying their staff to your business. If you are a fan of micro managing then this isn’t going to work out for you. You can’t oversee and question every part of what they are doing and they will always see you as a client, not a boss, which might result in them seeing your lack of direct authority over them as a reason to care less. After all, losing a client isn’t the same as losing your job.

If they work for you and you don’t like how they do things and you think you know better then you are more able to insist they do things your way. Of course, I am not advocating such an attitude considering you are meant to be hiring them for their expertise, but if your agent is clearly lackadaisical about their efforts then it is a lot harder to give them a kick up the ass than if you are paying them directly.

They will understand your brand better

By being fully submerged in your brand and culture they will get a better understanding of who you are, what you are about and more importantly, a better understanding of your audience and customers and what drives them to purchase.

Becoming intimate with your business and customers can only lead to a better knowledge of what it takes to turn interest into purchase and where to find the people who haven’t heard of you yet and how best to pique their interest and get them into the funnel.

Want to hire someone directly for your digital marketing services?

If you would like to cut out the middleman of a digital marketing agency and hire directly then you should check out our list of freelancers who do digital marketing services for a comprehensive collection of competent individuals!



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