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Reasons Why You Should Use a Digital Marketing Agency for eCommerce


Reasons Why You Should Use a Digital Marketing Agency for eCommerce

Ahhh, it’s finally time to look at the question nearly all eCommerce business owners have had to ask themselves since the dawn of, well, eCommerce.

“Should I use a digital marketing agency or hire an in-house marketer?”

"what is a digital marketing agency ? " - Read here 

Benefits of using a digital marketing agency

There are quite a few reasons to go with a digital agency so let’s have a look at a few of them…

An online marketing agency is easier to vet

When hiring in-house staff to handle your internet marketing services, it is up to you or someone in your company to establish whether they are up to the task. Straight away you are probably wondering whether you would know what to look for in a digital marketer or not. If you are not so comfortable then you risk making a dud hire and wasting potentially thousands of dollars between wages and ad spend.

On the other hand, a decent digital marketing firm should have a strong web presence that you can research consisting of reviews, testimonials and a portfolio of clients that you can not only check out but even contact directly for reliable reference.

A digital marketing company is probably more experienced

Claiming to be an agency means that they probably have more than one staff member and several, if not lots of clients. I probably wouldn’t hire them if they don’t. Between them they have probably failed more times than a solo internet marketing services provider ever would and failing is an important part of learning. Believe me, you would rather them have failed and learned in the past on other accounts then fail now on yours!

Even if the agency commits just one person to your account, that person still has access to a pool of talent that they can draw knowledge and help from if they are not seeing the success they expect to see. They have a whole crew to make sure you keep on course.

Diversity in digital marketing services

Being a jack of all trades is actually a good trait… for someone in management. Knowing enough to know the difference between someone who knows their stuff and someone who is blagging you is critical when in a delegating position, but not so ideal when it comes to execution.

By working with an agency, there is a good chance that they have specialized staff who excel in different aspects of online marketing. I know I would much rather have an Instagram marketing specialist dealing with that side of the business while a search engine marketer is dealing with my Google Shopping Ads.

Unless you hire more than one member to be part of your inhouse team then you are either gonna have to focus your efforts on one paid traffic source or have a Jack of all splitting his time, energy and focus.

Scaling is easier with a digital marketing agency

If you go down the in-house route then scaling is going to require more hiring and commitment on your part. On the other hand, decently sized online marketing companies will just be able to increase their invoicing and assign more resources to your account. Likewise, if you need to scale back then this can be reversed. That’s a whole lot of stress and paperwork avoided compared to hiring and firing in-house!

Want to hire a digital marketing agency?

If after this you have decided to go down the less stress route of a digital agency then click here to find yourself an eCommerce marketing agency from our list of online marketing companies specializing in eCommerce.



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