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The Best Online Selling Sites of 2021

The Best Online Selling Sites of 2021

Obviously you can build your own online store using a service like Shopify or develop and host your own using something like a WordPress eCommerce solution, and we highly recommend you do, but there are also lots of options for starting an eCommerce business without having to buy a domain name and getting too nerdy. Below is a list of websites that allow you to make money online by selling items without your own site. Check it out…


I doubt anyone is surprised that Amazon eCommerce made it to the top of this online selling sites list. By far the most famous and popular online shopping option for anyone in a country that has it, it only makes sense to get your products onto their virtual shelves for the world to see.

By listing your items on Amazon, you have potential for getting huge exposure. You also benefit from the trust that the company has built with consumers over the years with it’s diligent efforts to stamp out dodgy sellers and provide an excellent experience to its customers.

By using their FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) service to warehouse your stock and fulfill orders, you can also take advantage of their second-to-none logistics network to make sure orders hit doorsteps in the timeliest of manners.


The original auction site that has aced the test of time. A famous destination for people looking for rare gems and obscure items, eBay is an excellent channel to add for increasing online sales too. While the image of an online auction is pretty ingrained in many minds, ‘Buy Now’ options make it perfect for online retailers who can treat it more like a store.

Do make sure to research how much your products will cost to sell on there though as their pricing scheme is rather convoluted with a variety of fees that can add up. Something to consider.


Etsy is an excellent place to conduct online selling… if you are selling the right kind of product. Etsy is focused more on crafts than anything else with most items being sold falling under the categories of handmade, art, antiques and collectibles.

If that is what you are selling then actually, Etsy is an amazing option for you. It can become an excellent place to get discovered by customers and build up your brand with people who dig what you do. On top of that, the listing fees are reasonable, as are their transaction and processing fees.

If it fits your niche then definitely consider getting involved in Etsy!

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is the perfect way to merge your social media marketing efforts with your eCommerce business. People can browse your products, make inquiries and even purchase without ever having to leave Facebook. This seamless experience is excellent for conversions and you don’t even have to pay to list your items!

If you are already advertising on Facebook, and even if you aren’t, then Facebook Marketplace is definitely worth looking into and probably embracing.


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