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The Best WordPress eCommerce Options in 2021

WordPress is a powerful CMS that, while originally built for the purpose of helping create blogs, has been built out into an extremely agile website building platform with the use of plugins and extensions.

As you can imagine, turning WordPress into a capable and competitive eCommerce website builder became the focus of many in the community and commercial space alike.

So what have these coders come up with in terms of WordPress eCommerce functionality? Quite a bit actually. Check out these plugins you can use to turn your WordPress website into one the best eCommerce platforms in terms of customizability.


BigCommerce is one of the ecommerce solutions that integrates with WordPress using a plugin as opposed to the plugin being the complete system. It connects with WordPress, allowing you to embed products on your website from their fully self hosted platform, as well as auto generating all the necessary store pages like cart, payment and login sections on your WordPress site for you.

Keeping your website CMS and your eCommerce solution separate like this can help with scaling and keeping things running smoothly as a load of the work your website server would normally have to deal with is offloaded to a dedicated eCommerce solution designed from the ground up for the task.


By far the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugins available to build an eCommerce website with. Not only does it come jam packed with features and functionality but it can be fully extended and customized by taking advantage of the hundreds of extensions and themes built for it. Still can’t find what you are looking for? Thanks to the popularity of WooCommerce, it’s not hard to find developers who can do the job for you.

Of course, you can have different product types including digital and downloadable. Inventory management is top notch with exhaustive payment and shipping options. And support is superb thanks to the sprawling society of people working on it who are always there for free advice or there are even paid support options available for you serious sellers out there.

WP EasyCart

Not as famous as other eCommerce solutions for WordPress, but quite possibly the option for you if you are just a small business without a huge catalog and want something that is simple to set up and use. It does come with premium options which are completely reasonably priced but most will probably find the free version sufficient with unlimited products, advanced product variants available among other welcome surprises. I would recommend checking this solution out first to see if it is suitable before considering others, purely for its simplicity.


As you can probably tell from the name, MemberPress is all about subscriptions like pay-per-view content, perfect for courses. You are given very granular control over what type of memberships get access to what content and such. The content can also be drip fed to new users. You will be limited with basic payment options unfortunately, but if you don’t mind PayPal or Stripe then you should be fine.


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