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Top 5 Free Shopify Themes of 2021

I have a general rule about not being too stingy when it comes to investing in business. If something will make my job easier or quicker for a reasonable price, as is the case with most SaaS products these days, then I will just set up a subscription and get on with my life.

That being said, there are times where spending money isn’t necessary or, as happens to nearly all of us at some point, we’re trying to build something while starting with barely anything.

Fortunately for Shopify users, there are plenty of free themes out there which give off a premium vibe, both in functionality and aesthetics, though you may have to dig around a bit to find them… or you could just check out this sweet list I made for you of my favorite 5 going into 2021…


I love a good minimal theme. So many websites these days are so noisy that they can distract the visitor away from the path of purchase. Lots of white space gives showcase to where you really want eyeballs to be pointing.

Homepage features include recommended products and a video section. Product pages come with slideshows and zooming features for the images while there is a very good catalog sorting feature to help customers find what they are looking for.

This theme comes with 3 variant styles. The Fashion style is intended for, that’s right, clothes shops, while both Modern and Vintage provide very clean looks, perfect for displaying all sorts of product ranges.

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Minimal Theme

Debut Theme


This theme comes filled with features like product recommendations, customer testimonials, promotional banners and even a predictive search bar! All of these, plus more, make this the ideal for someone who likes to tinker and get things just how they like them.

Debut offers up 2 styles, both largely contemporary in their styling and use of fonts. Default keeps things bright and white while the oddly named light version offers up an only slightly differently flavouring with bolder fonts and slightly darker colors.

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This one isn’t actually to be found in the Shopify Theme Library but comes courtesy of a theme developer famous for their premium themes, so you know it’s gonna be solid.

It’s created with the fashion industry in mind, with a lot of it’s functionality based on their requirements like using swatches to display product variants over a dropdown menu. Visitors can also filter products based on sizing and color as well as price.

An awesome feature I love is the slide out shopping cart that can only improve conversions by keeping people shopping while their shopping cart is easily accessible.

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Thalia Theme

Surprise Theme


Again, another one you will have to leave the Shopify Theme Library for to get your hands on. Not a problem though, it’s just a simple sign up to Appolo Themes and you can get your download on.

This theme works really well for large stores due to the way the menu items and product listing pages have been designed. Another awesome feature is the quick view product module that makes it so you don’t have to click through to, and load the product page to see item information.

If you run a blog on your site too, then check out how nice the blog system on this one is set up. Highly recommended.

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I just think this theme has a cool design mostly. You get to pick between Classic and Playful style.

Classic has a bit of a rougher side to it while managing to stay clean with a simple layout that gives off a cool vibe. Generally recommended for clothes stores and fashion lines.

Playful is, you guessed it, more of a fun style. I would recommend this for more colorful or kooky product types.

Lots of writing space is provided for telling your story in the header if you have a brand with a bit of a background to it, a video can be added to the homepage and a dynamic product grid is also included.

These all work really well while responding to different screen sizes. I must say, it is rare in 2021 to see a design that still stands out as good at being responsive in a world where responsive design is considered established and already figured out.

Also, this theme has a pop out shopping cart which I am a huge fan of!

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Brooklyn Theme




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