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What Can An Ecommerce Coordinator Do For You?

The demand for building new online shops has increased by the day. Statista reported that by 2023, sales from the eCommerce industry would go beyond $740 Billion in the United States. This only means that more and more people are shifting to the online platform to make their purchases.

The thing is, not everyone can run an online shop by themselves.

You need an ecommerce specialist to guide you through the process, handle tech support, and answer your inquiries. But the job doesn't end there. It would be best if you also had someone to promote your products and help you boost sales.

With so much pressure on your shoulders, it's crucial to find someone who can get it all done for you.

Here are the things that an eCommerce coordinator can do for you:


(1) Responsible for the day to day operations of your online shop

You are a single mom who runs an online boutique. Your day typically starts at 7 AM, when you need to cook breakfast for your two kids and clean up the house. The rest of your day is consumed by school and work, and when you get home, you need to catch up with everyone. You also need to spend some time with them. You barely have enough time for yourself.

Now, imagine that you are also in charge of the business. That's a whole new level of stress that you don't need to deal with. Having someone to handle the admin and tech support will help you focus on what's important - running an ecommerce website.

This is where an eCommerce coordinator comes into the scene. From checking your inventory to answering customer inquiries, an eCommerce coordinator does it all for you.


(2) Meticulously modify and upload products in different channels

Channels such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Shopify lite and so on are other. Each of them has its own rules and guidelines for sellers to follow. It's a tedious task to manually check them all in a day and update products in each channel separately.

An eCommerce coordinator can handle this on your behalf. Once you have the channels list, an eCommerce coordinator can go through each channel, review the rules and instructions, then modify your inventory accordingly. This is to avoid any downtime when you need to add or remove a product from any channel.

This is a very technical role, which requires profound knowledge about the processes of buying and selling products. Therefore, this role is more suitable for those with a phenomenal memory and who always find something to do.

Ecommerce coordinators also need to be good with math and statistics as they play essential roles in forecasting your business.

For example, you might need to forecast the number of orders you will receive every month or the total amount you will spend on product procurement every week.

You will need these figures to know how much profit you can earn in a month, or when you should order new products.


(3) Develop promotional strategies

You've launched your web shop, and the initial sales are not as high as you had expected.

What went wrong? Are you using the right messaging technique? Do your creatives suck?

These are questions you might be asking. You might also think that your product quality is not good enough, or maybe the pricing is too high.

The truth is, even though these are factors that can affect sales, there might be other problems that you have yet to identify.

That's why you need to find someone who can develop ideas on how to boost sales and market your online shop. An eCommerce specialist can check your conversion rate, find out why your customers are not buying, and offer solutions to get them to buy your products.


(4) Assisting in your tax obligations

It's always better to work with an ecommerce assistant who can help you with tax obligations. When you run the eCommerce business on your own, you might end up making mistakes, like forgetting to pay taxes or not knowing where to get the suitable forms.

You'll quickly understand how stressful it is when you have to deal with taxes all by yourself.

An eCommerce coordinator can assist with tax submissions, helping you make sure you are abiding by the regulations in place.


(5) Running sales promotions (ex. sales, promos, coupons)

When you run an online store, you will need to decide how to run sales promotions. Maybe you want to hold a sale every month to get your products for cheaper. Or perhaps you want to give away free shipping each week. What's the best way to do so?

An eCommerce coordinator can help with this. You can send out emails or set up reminders for your target customers so they can come back and receive the offer at the right time.

Getting an extra hand for your online store is never a bad idea. By bringing in an eCommerce coordinator, you will be able to focus on the things that are most important to your business while someone else handles all the administration and promotion.


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