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When Is the Best Time to Hire a Search Engine Marketer?

Done with your e commerce website creation? Wondering when you should start looking for a search engine marketer? Great question!

What Is A Search Engine Marketer Exactly?

A search engine marketer is also called an SEO specialist, and they are responsible for ensuring that your website ranks well in search engines like Google. You may think this is something your web designer does- but it is not. 

To understand when you should hire a search engine marketer, you must first understand that the job is not simple.

But why should you care about how your website ranks? Well, if your website does not rank well in search engines, you are literally missing out on a lot of qualified leads. But if all your competitors are ranking high for their keywords, why should anyone ever want to go with you for their business?

How To Tell That You Really Need Help in Search Engine Marketing?

To simply put, search engine rankings matter. And here is the terrible news: you have very little time to optimize your website. That is because Google has a hard and fast formula for ranking websites.

This formula is known as PageRank, and it requires a lot of effort to get it right. However, it means that you only have a few short months to put in place the necessary tools and personnel before Google takes over everything you've done.

To get your website ranked for the long term, you need to do several things. First of all, you need to ensure that there are valuable and relevant keywords on your website.

You also need to ensure that bloggers are actively blogging about you and that they link back to your pages. And you have to be sure that you have a high number of incoming links from other quality websites.

On top of that, you should also optimize your pay-per-click campaigns. Pay-per-click is a core part of Google's algorithm, and it can make the difference between ranking number one or number two for your keywords.

You cannot do these things alone, unequipped with the right tools.

You need someone a credible digital marketing company who knows all of the ins and outs of search engine optimization and has experience using tools.

And that's where a search engine marketer comes in. They can help you make sure your website is optimized for search engines, and they can help you plan and implement a pay-per-click campaign that will get you long-term, high rankings.

Moreover, they can help you integrate your SEO efforts and your pay-per-click campaigns. This is critical for maximizing your search engine results.

If you're serious about getting to the top of Google (and you should be), then it's time to make sure you have a professional search engine marketer working for you.

Three Examples Of When It's Best To Hire A Marketing Agency

Example 1: With a website already up and running, your site may have been optimized adequately when it was first created. However, as search algorithms change over time and new search engines come into play, this could change dramatically.

Hence, you need to make sure that you keep your website topped up with fresh and up-to-date data. A search engine marketer’s job is to do a code audit on your website and ensure that it is set up correctly for the future.

Example 2: Your web designer gets the job done and builds a nice-looking website for you. But they do not take the time to optimize it for search engines. So when you ask them about pay-per-click, they have no clue what you are talking about. 

A: You could try to learn everything yourself, but why should you waste your time on something that will only take away from your other work responsibilities? 

B: You can hire a professional search engine marketer who can also work with your web designer to do the job right.   

Example 3: You've built up a lot of traffic on your website, and now it's time to convert those visitors into paying clients. Unfortunately, the customer never buys your services because your website isn't optimized for pay-per-click. 

Your Turn To Decide

Which of the examples above feels like you? Have you been able to decide which is best for your business? If so, then it's time to call in a search engine marketer.   

If you need help getting your website optimized for search engines, or you want to hire a professional who can help with pay-per-click campaigns, contact us today. We will be happy to send you over some helpful information about the types of skills needed to do these things right.

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