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Why is SEO important in eComm 2021?

Why is SEO important in eComm 2021?

Every second, Google processes more than 40,000 search queries.

That’s over 1.2 trillion searches across the globe every year.

Now with every search that is relevant to your ecomm business, you have the potential to reach out to quality customers. So, how do you do that?

Short for Search Engine Optimization, SEO helps grow your ecomm store and gives it a much-needed boost towards profitability.

Not convinced?

Well, here are 8 reasons why SEO should be your priority this 2021:

  1.  New Leads, Come On In

Search is considered to be the top method to drive traffic to sites, beating social media by at least 300 percent.

So, SEO can help organizations to attract inbound leads.

Inbound strategies include content creation, social media, and referrals. When you create useful content and post it on your site, then SEO can ensure that your ideal audience will find it online.

Another great advantage of SEO is its ability to bring in high-quality leads, meaning an audience that is more likely to become paying customers.

Outbound tactics such as emailing or cold calling do not prioritize your customers’ needs. Not with SEO. With this tactic, you are providing your audience with the content they require to solve their issues or problems.

And because they are already searching for an ecomm store or particular product you sell, you are more likely to turn their online search into a sale.

  1. Trusty Website

One of the main reasons why SEO is used by most ecomm store owners is because they build trust.

Ranking on the first page of search results signals to users that search engines trust your site. This is one of the reasons why 75 percent of users tend to stick to the first page of search engines.

Users trust search engines to filter the results for them, eliminating the spammy websites. Google and other search engines understand this, thus they use off-page and on-page signals to ranks the websites.

Such signals— website speed to the content you create— demonstrate that your site is credible and safe.

Another way SEO boosts your ecomm store credibility? Optimizing Google My Business listing. This is also known as local search engine optimization

This appears in specific searches for businesses and local searches, providing users with details about your ecommerce store. Also, it can feature reviews from Google users.

  1. Better Awareness

In addition to increasing brand credibility, SEO also increases awareness. As consumers move through the buying funnel, they will be conducting lots of searches. And if your company continues to appear in the search results, then it increases brand awareness.

With a good content marketing strategy and SEO, you are showing users that you are more than just a product provider. You are also a great resource for information or news, which increases value to your audience.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

SEO is a painstakingly long process. But, this also offers its best benefit of all, bringing you long-term advantages and profitability for your ecomm store.

Not only does it save money and more sustainable when compared to a paid advertisement, but SEO is also a huge factor that generates a steady amount of traffic in the future.

When compared to traditional marketing, SEO also gives you the cost-benefit of marketing to your customers 24/7. You will not be reaching your customers via billboard that they will see when leaving for work, but you can reach them when they are looking for you.

So, as long as you stay on the first page or top spot of search engines with SEO, you get to market your ecomm brand all day, every day without costs.

  1. Hello, Happy Users

SEO can help organizations create smoother, faster and user-friendlier sites. And while most people think that SEO is all about optimizing for search engines, the SEO of today is also about improving the experience of users.

Clean, well-structured and uncluttered sites can urge casual visitors to stay longer. This decreases the bounce rates of ecomm websites and increases page reviews. In addition, highly relevant content will keep your shoppers happy since they have more resources to browse and find exactly what they are looking for on your ecomm store.

If done properly, SEO can make your users happy, which also makes search engines happy since they love to serve quality information to their users.

  1. Measurable Success

It is crucial that you understand the impact of your investments— whether it is in marketing or advertising. This is why SEO is not only a huge perk of digital marketing but also allows you to monitor and measure your success.

The best part?

You get to access your digital marketing analytics, real-time.

 With tools like Google Analytics, it is easy to assess the performance and impact of your SEO strategies, including monitoring of website traffic, conversions, bounce rate and time on site.

Meanwhile, 3rdparty marketing software helps provide in-depth monitoring of your SEO marketing strategy while also measuring your digital marketing ROI as well as providing actionable insights into your campaign, ultimately enhancing your SEO approach.

  1. Local Growth

Even if you are a local small business that depends on physical transactions, SEO can still benefit your organization.

Since more consumers have smartphones, local search boost in popularity. And the value of local search is huge with 80 percent of local searches are converted. This only means more business transactions for your physical store.

If you are not investing in SEO, then you are missing a great opportunity to attract shoppers that are ready to buy, making it is easy for your competitors to gain more market share and building popularity in your local area.

  1. High ROI Hit

When you invest in various digital marketing strategies, you also want the highest ROI (return of investment) possible. With a competitive and smart SEO strategy, you can expect this without disappointments.

How so?

In terms of search engines, they offer a close rate of at least 15 percent for new leads. Although it might not seem a lot, however, when you compare it to traditional marketing (less than 2%), it really makes a difference. This means you can increase the lead conversion rate by at least 13%.

For instance, an average lead can be worth $700, signing at least 20 new leads per month. With digital marketing strategies and SEO, you can sign 23 new leads per month. Meaning you get an extra $2,100 per month, meaning over $25,000 additional revenue annually.

For most ecomm businesses, this revenue increase is the biggest SEO benefit. However, that extra revenue from search largely depends on SEO. If you don’t have an effective SEO strategy this 2021, then you will not be able to generate leads, meaning, you won’t be able to see that additional revenue, too!


As you can see, investing in SEO can help your ecomm business in so many ways.

So, what are you waiting for?

Maximize your advertising strategy, boost effective SEO campaign right now!


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