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Why Shoppers Ignore Your Ecommerce Web Design

Shopper's behaviors have changed drastically in the last two years. Several factors, including the recession, altered the eCommerce development platform. Social media frenzy has led to a radical shift in consumer behavior.

When it comes to design, just because you think it looks nice or your designer told you that it doesn't look bad. You need to pay attention to optimizing search and conversion, sales and conversion funnels, and user experience.

But what does this mean? It means we've started developing for users, not browsers. It means we don't create pages but experiences. Thus, it's crucial to make sites easier to use.

But again, why are marketing firm web designs ignored? Here are five reasons why:


1. Design is too busy

Do you know what's annoying? Your ecommerce web design has too many things going on at the same time. You have many colors, too many pictures, too much writing, and other stuff going on.

It looks chaotic, and it seems like you're trying to sell a product without a clear message. People don't want to buy from you because they can't figure out what to do first. Remember, they won't buy from you because they want to. They want to buy what they need. They want to feel good about what they're buying.

Ensure only the necessary information is shown. And if you have a lot of products, do not overwhelm with a lot of content. Instead, keep it neat. Minimal visual design will give your customers a good feel.


2. Pop-ups are disruptive

If properly executed, pop-ups can be very powerful for your sales funnel. However, if they are used more than once on a single page or more than twice on a single visit, pop-ups will be detrimental to your conversion rates.

Take for example, if your user visits two pages on your site and he sees three pop-ups, that's too much. It's annoying, and it shows that you're more concerned with capturing emails than making sales.

When reading content, don't make it harder for users to read what they want. Ensure they are not intrusive and they don't block out important content.


3. Scrolling is too far

A lot of sites are taking advantage of the better screen size these days. Thus, they make the ecommerce website design very long. Unfortunately, this is not good for users because it doesn't allow them to see what they want to see right away.

The attention span of a typical internet user is between 20 and 30 seconds. Anything more will cause them to get impatient. Thus, if they don't see what they want on the first page, they'll leave your site. Remember, an effective ecommerce web design will not require a lot of scrolling or clicking of links.


4. Pay attention to the product page

A lot of eCommerce developers have no idea how their visitors find their products and how they get from one product to another. They just assume visitors know where they're going to land when they click on the product. Thus, they don't pay attention to organizing their product page.

Add fluff-free content on the product page. Make sure to show all of your products on one page and organize them in a way that's easy for users to see what they want.


5. Jam-packed with images and files

Pictures and files work in browsing but not in buying. So while it may look nice, users will get bored looking at all those pictures and files while waiting for your product to load.

More importantly, this may slow down the loading speed. That means users don't have to wait until the page loads to get annoyed. Instead, they will keep clicking, which is bad for your sales funnel.


The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that user experience is more important than site design. You need to give them what they want and what they need at the right time. If not, your users will ignore your eCommerce web design just like they ignore certain products in their shopping carts.


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