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Why You Should Probably Use a Search Engine Marketer and Not Do It Yourself


Why You Should Probably Use a Search Marketing Company and Not Do It Yourself

I know, I know! I can hear so many of you shouting at your screens about not having the budget to throw at a search marketing company on top of the capital to pay per clicks while others are likely scoffing at the idea that being a search engine marketer is even a hard job. Simply pick the keywords that relate to your products, target the locations you deliver to and away you go… not at all. It is far from that simple and taking action on that sort of thinking will definitely have you wishing you had hired a search engine marketer instead!


A search marketing company knows how to dig deep and fine tune

Yes, getting your keywords correct is essential and picking the right locations is obviously important, but there is so much more to it then that. Knowing how to extract the right data, analyse it and make adjustments to the many aspects of your ads, ad groups and campaigns to optimise your ROAS (return on ad spend) can almost be considered an art… if it wasn’t so analytical. Maybe magic is a better comparison. You really need a data geek to get elbow deep in there and tickle all the right places to make it worth your while and money.

Search engine marketing is becoming more multifaceted

Ten years ago search ads were simple. Someone punches in a search term, hits enter and is presented with a listing or results topped with some paid ads consisting of a heading and a description. Nowadays you have Google shopping ads, dynamic text and a whole array of different add-ons and extensions to make your ad bigger, better and more appealing. And of course, they all need split testing using methodology that gives statistically significant insight while not dirtying your data and making it invalid, leading to wrong decisions.

That’s a whole lot of juggling, but if you want to get a positive ROAS and beat your competitors then you need to whip it all out!

You should be too busy with your eCommerce website not to delegate to search marketing company / freelancer or hire an expert in house

Now this is a point that can be applied to a lot of eCommerce tasks due to the fact that running an eCommerce store is such a huge undertaking. If you don’t learn to delegate then you will inevitably become overwhelmed and underperform as business starts to grow.

While eCommerce website design is by no means easy, a creative and artistic person can quickly get to grips with the Shopify website builder and create something beautiful without much practice. Likewise, an already competent writer can brush up on proper practices and basic SEO and pump out some decent working copy in a short amount of time.

This can’t be said of search engine marketers. SEM experts have to be extremely well versed in strategy, statistics and analytics if they want any chance of turning a profit in the cut throat world of eCommerce search marketing. The only ways of doing this are either failing lots, having their hand held for a long time while they learn or studying so long and intensely that they won’t fail too much before getting to grips with it. If one of these is a situation you can get into and you don’t mind dedicating all your time to the craft while neglecting every other aspect of your business then sure, go for it.

On the other hand, if you would rather pay a little more to massively reduce the risk of burning through your budget with little to show then I would highly recommend calling in a professional with a proven track record for selling products online. Make sure you know what your looking for check out Characteristics That Make a Great Ecommerce Agency by Neil Patel.

If that is the case, a good place to start would be checking out our selection of search marketing companies or freelance search engine marketers who have a proven past of profitably driving traffic to eCommerce websites. 



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