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General Ecommerce

netcomm FORUM - Extended DIGITAL EDITION 2021

Date: 13 to 21 May 2021 | Location: Milan, Europe
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The market scenario is changing at an increasingly fast pace and the trends triggered and accentuated by the pandemic will evolve further in the near future. In this context, companies are called to go through a process of constant and at the same time flexible innovation, able to seize all the opportunities, but also the challenges generated by technologies, consumer behavior and the competitive arena.

Netcomm Forum, the event of reference in Italy where to deepen and discuss the issues of e-commerce and digital transformation, is a unique opportunity to understand the changes taking place and re-think, re-design, re-use, re-compose every element of the relationship of the company with the customer and the chain in which it operates. Two days to learn, discuss and re-design their growth strategies guided by the digital scenario, with the possibility to use the platform of the event in replay mode even in the following days, enriched by special appointments.


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