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Shoptalk : Fall Meetup

Date: 19 to 21 Oct 2021 | Location: Virtual, Other
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Another great virtual meetup from the shoptalk team. Bringing thousands of e-commerce experts.

What to expect

Get Matched

After signing up for the event, you can browse a select people to request meetings with, as well as peer group discussions you would like to join. You will also choose to accept or decline requests from others.


Boasting 3 months of meetings in 3 days, with each attendant being able to reach out to thousands of industry changemakers to organize a meeting. Most participants average around 12 15-minute meetings


As well as 1-on-1 meetings, you will also have the option of joining the many 55-minute Tabletalk peer group conversations.

Post-Event Introductions

Get post-event introductions for your high priority matches that weren’t scheduled as meetings

Check out the official site :



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