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Freelancers specializing in Web Design

Dalton Bellamy Profile Photo

Dalton Bellamy

Sheffield, UK

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Primary Job Title: Shopify Store Designer

I take Shopify stores from bland to grand!

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Helen Jones Profile Photo

Helen Jones

Manchester, UK

Primary Job Title: Digital Marketing Manager

Hello, I’m Helen, the online face behind Elumin – a one-woman Digital Marketing Manager, Graphic Designer, Writer & WordPress Techie in Altrincham in the Greater Manchester Area.

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Dominic Martin-Manning Profile Photo

Dominic Martin-Manning

Remote, Other

Primary Job Title: Digital Designer

Professional brand designer with 10+ years of experience developing exceptional relationships with clients and peers to provide long-lasting business solutions. An innovative approach to design problems allows for seamless integration and adaptation to any env...

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Krystle Wright Profile Photo

Krystle Wright

Melbourne, Australia & NZ

Primary Job Title: Integrated Designer

ALL THINGS CREATIVE I'm a Creative Freelancer who loves to design many things - from Web and Graphic Design, Corporate identities, Print Design, Digital/ Photographic art and just anything creative! I enjoy new artistic adventures and anything that gets my ha...

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Darpan Awal Profile Photo

Darpan Awal

Sydney, Australia & NZ

Primary Job Title: UX/UI and Multimedia Designer

I’m Darpan, a multidisciplinary designer with over 10+ years of experience in creating top-notch elegant and pixel-perfect designs for organisations ranging from agencies, start-ups and large companies. Attention to detail, fast turnaround and creativity are m...

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Richard Paul Profile Photo

Richard Paul

London, UK

Primary Job Title: Developer

I have specialised in the auction side of e-commerce for over 20 years providing many companies with various types of systems.

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Steve Solanki Profile Photo

Steve Solanki

Remote, Other

Primary Job Title: Full Stack Development

Sydney based Digital Project Manager with 15+ years of commercial experience in IT industry.

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Simon Morrison Profile Photo

Simon Morrison

Newcastle, UK

Primary Job Title: Creative Director

• 25 years core graphic design experience with lots of commercial branding experience • Understanding of strategy and how this translates to communications • Roles held up to Director-level at agency • Additional experience working client-side • Freelance ...

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