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Donna Francis | Beauty Content Creator | Remote Profile Photo

Donna Francis

  • Beauty Content Creator

    Remote, Other
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I am an award-winning freelance Beauty Director, Shoot Director (specialising in unretouched assets) Consultant and Copywriter with over twenty-one years experience in the beauty industry.

  • Content Writing
  • Content Management
  • Sales & General Marketing
  • Digital Marketing & Online Ads
  • Social Media Management
  • Editorial
  • Shoot Direction
  • Video
  • copywriting
  • shoot direction
  • brand consultancy
  • blogging
  • editorial
  • content management
  • social media

I work with international content agencies like Ogilvy, Bookmark, Hearst Made, Redwood and Vayner Media and write for international newspapers like The Daily Mail and The Sun on Sunday. My skills include: copy-writing; editing and creating multi-platform beauty content; writing editorial beauty features; art directing shoots for both print and digital media including video.

Managerial experience of running a multi-platform beauty department: operating CMS, producing and presenting videos and delivering digital content.

Senior level editorial and brand consultancy: creating revenue streams and originating creative channels for magazines and brands like Boots, Nivea, Avon and Superdrug.

Blogging from my own channel and Instagram @thebeautyed


I am an award-winning freelance copywriter, brand consultant and shoot director with an expertise in creating content for the beauty industry. I have over 20 years experience, working for international brands like Boots Walgreen Alliance, Avon and Superdrug and newspapers and magazines like The Daily Mail and Cosmopolitan. This unique experience of creating content for both magazines and brands means I know how to engage customers with a tone of voice and personality that's suitably tailored to a brands commercial priorities in a personal, tailored way. 

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