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Mary Jane  Amato  | Copywriter  | London Profile Photo

Mary Jane Amato

  • Copywriter

    London, UK
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I am a freelance copywriter specialised in commercial copy, informative articles and product placement. I can craft an article in a very limited amount of time and can write about various topics, such as current affairs, travel, the arts, food and more. I have created articles that include product placements and research and can work on demand.

  • Content Writing
  • Digital Marketing & Online Ads
  • Social Media Management
Past Jobs
  • Tutor
  • Translator
  • Creative x Problem solver x Quick thinker x Able to work in a fast paced environment x Commercial aware x People's person x High computer skills x Multilingual x Trustworthy x Versatile x

 I am a versatile and creative writer and love to put my mind at work on a great variety of topics. My drive comes from a passion for the written word and an endless curiosity on life, the power of the mind, the mechanisms of the body and how everything is undeniably connected.

I have written on commission and created commercial copy on demand, but I actually fulfil my true aspiration when am given that little bit of extra space to exercise my creative muscle and write both from experience and heart. Being a singer/songwriter as well has influenced my lyrical style and I am also happy to produce copy that leans more on the literary side.

I have an academic background in International legal affairs which has developed my critical thinking and research skills, while experience in the education field has given me the chance to proofread and help draft a great amount of scholastic essays. I also have experience as a translator and interpreter and can produce copy in my two main languages, English and Italian, while also offering translating and ameliorating services from French and Spanish.


Copywriting: commercial copy, creative copy, marketing pieces

Writing: Creative writing, poetry, lyrics


Digital content production and marketing

Translations to and from English and Italian, from Spanish and French 


I am a freelancer. I have experience in working for marketing companies such as: CopyCatLondon, FatJoe, VorreiLtd., Londra Da Vivere, Donne Che Emigrano All'Estero and others. I have also worked and currently still work on demand for private customers. I have essay writing and email drafting experience due to my previous employments in education, both as a tutor and an admin. I have worked as a translator and interpreter for privates, public institutions and companies such as Pearl Linguistics. 

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