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Amplify Copywriting

  • Content Writing | Sales & General Marketing | Digital Marketing & Online Ads

    Remote | Virtual | Adelaide

Amplify Copywriting ( is a performance copywriting agency, helping Ecomm brands increase sales, recover abandoned carts and increase average order value. We write Email Automations, Facebook Ad Copy, Landing Page Copy and Website Copy.

  • Content Writing
  • Sales & General Marketing
  • Digital Marketing & Online Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Automations
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Sequences
  • Email Automations

You could have the greatest product on the market, but if your messaging doesn’t attract and convert your ideal customers, what’s the point?

Most business owners write their own copy, and wonder why they’re not making many sales (if any!)

Imagine the weight off your shoulders, knowing that your copy perfectly speaks to your ideal customers, grabs their attention and gets them to act now.

Amplify Copywriting is a performance-driven conversion copywriting agency, with one goal in mind: Producing the highest-possible ROI from your marketing, using data-driven copywriting.

At Amplify Copywriting, we take the guesswork out of writing persuasive & profitable marketing copy - helping you stay relevant with your customers, and most importantly, increase your sales.

Using our 4-step ‘Irresistible Offer System’ we drown out all the other noise in your market so your ideal customers only see you.


Amplify Copywriting has written and consulted with over 50+ Ecomm brands across a broad range of niches - from Pets to Camping & Outdoors.

We also work alongside one of Australia's biggest ecomm agencies, writing not only for them, but for all of their clients' stores too.

Here are some raving testimonials from some of our amazing clients:

“Ooookaaaaay - just wow! I’m in awe right now. This is EXACTLY what I wished for! You’re really awesome, Alex (Amplify Copywriting)!!” - Alina I.

“I didn’t understand where I was going wrong, and you [Alex] just…you’re awesome! You have no idea how much this has helped me. THANK YOU!” - Ivan Z.

"Alex has a way of selling through text that I could only dream of. Trust me when I say that you won't be disappointed with any work of his!” - Adam M.


Our primary focus is on helping ecomm brands get the highest ROI possible, with emails & copy.

This monastic focus allows us to upload proven strategies straight into your business for maximum results.

Here are some of the things we can help you achieve:

1. Fix low-converting copywriting.
2. Increase your average order value.
3. Recover 3-10% of abandoned carts.
4. Turn email subscribers into loyal fans and buyers.
5. Increase positive reviews and testimonials.
6. Create automated email campaigns that sell while you’re sleeping.
7. Boost FB Ad & Landing Page conversions.


Our Primary Services Include:
- Email Automations (Email Copywriting)
- Landing Page & Website Copy (Product Descriptions, Home, About Us, etc.)
- Facebook Ad Copy

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