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Bencium Studio

  • Web Design | Product Design | Branding & Graphic Design

    Remote | London

Product Designers and User Experience Consultants understanding Business, Product Strategy and Growth.

  • Web Design
  • Product Design
  • Branding & Graphic Design
  • Webflow Design and Development

Based in London and working fully remote – we are specialised in making complex products simple and beautiful – while understanding business and growth. Worked with companies like HSBC, NatWest Markets, Liberty Global, Vodafone, GE Money, several agencies, consultancies and a couple of Fintech startups.


The latest design tools and methods enables almost everybody to create “good enough” product experiences. We say it's not enough to understand the user – that’s why we make every effort to understand your business, understand what strategy you have to follow, understand growth and marketing. Every project is unique, so we usually follow a customised route, tailored to the particular product, company and team setup.


Experience Design: customer experience / retail products and websites • complex enterprise software • mobile applications / iOS and Android • digital transformation projects

Product Strategy: how is your product connected to other products and services • how to stand out on the market (how to beat competition)

Growth: grow user base • grow sales • grow engagement • grow the number of returning users

Visual Design: User Interface Design for desktop / software / mobile applications • Design Systems Specifications / Component Library Creation • Branding & Identity • Logo and App Icon Design • Motion Graphics

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