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  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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We prioritize increasing your organic traffic and sales | No long term contracts | Fully remote | Transparent pricing | Your own SEO dashboard - see results in real-time | Regular reporting |

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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  • PPC
  • Wordpress
  • seo
  • facebook ads
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Linx SEO is a Search Engine optimization (SEO) Agency with a small, dedicated team of skilled professionals. Between us we have over 20 years’ experience in achieving organic traffic growth and increased conversions for our clients. We provide you with a full-pricing breakdown of your SEO campaigns, with flexible pricing to suit any budget. We believe in transparency, and provide you with access to your own SEO dashboard, and regular updates of all the SEO campaigns we are completing for you.


We are a small agency, between us we have over 20 years' experience in digital marketing. We have worked for a wide range of e-commerce brands. 

We have consistently, through our SEO work, enabled brands to rank on the first page for their keywords. 

We also create Facebook and PPC paids ads campaigns. 


Types of SEO that we cover:

✔ Technical SEO

✔ On-page SEO

✔ Wordpress SEO

✔ E-commerce SEO

✔ Local SEO

✔ Content strategy and creation Core web vitals:

✔ Largest contentful paint

✔ First input delay (FID)

✔ Cumulative layout shift (CLS)

✔ Mobile-friendliness

✔ Website security


✔ Interstitials We are experts in technical SEO, and can prepare your website to pass the core web vitals assessment.

SEO services that we provide:

SEO keyword research:

✔ Keyword research

✔ A complete keyword research

✔ Identifying the most valuable keywords for your website

✔ Gap analysis

✔ Identify bottom funnel keywords i.e. quick wins, keywords that your site can start to rank for quickly

✔ Top funnel keyword identification SEO onsite Implementation

✔ Install a Web Analytics Tool and Set Up Goals

✔ Add a Website into Google Search Console

✔ Register a Local Business in Google Maps

✔ Develop a logical site structure

✔ Secure a website by moving to HTTPS

✔ Create a robots.txt file

✔ Create XML sitemap

✔ Make URLs SEO Friendly

✔ Use Breadcrumbs

✔ Create SEO-friendly internal cross-linking

✔ Check HTTP status codes

✔ Use Canonical URLs

✔ Check the markup validity of web documents in HTML

✔ Fix broken links

✔ Mind the number of outbound links

✔ Improve Page Speed

✔ Create a 404-error page

✔ On-site optimization

✔ Technical SEO

✔ Local SEO ✔ Site speed optimization

✔ Mobile SEO Competitor analysis:

✔ Research organic direct and indirect competition

✔ Research competitor links

✔ Keyword analysis

✔ Valuable pages analysis Content research and strategy

✔ Write a unique title for each page of a website

✔ Create unique meta descriptions for each page

✔ Optimize H-tags (heading tags)

✔ Use Alt tags for every image

✔ Optimize content both for robots and humans

✔ Create fresh and trendy content

✔ Develop a content plan

✔ Add a blog to a website

✔ Content engagement

✔ topical research

✔ conversion audit

✔ content strategy Mobile optimization

✔ Create a mobile version of a website

✔ Set up a redirection for mobile users

✔ Improve mobile loading speed using AMP SEO Reporting

✔ Initial data analysis

✔ SEO audit

✔ Website quality audit

✔ Content marketing strategy

✔ Keyword research

✔ Gap analysis

✔ Competitor analysis

✔ On-page recommendations

✔ Page level SEO

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