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Tic Creative

  • Web Development | Web Design | Video Design | Branding & Graphic Design


A SINGLE PLACE, AN EXPLOSIVE ENVIRONMENT OF ENTHUSIASM AND CREATIVE ENERGY At Tic Creative, we leverage over 30 years of working with SME to create strong iconic brands the owners crave whilst building the foundations of their business. Combine this expertise with a creative mind and you have the perfect print partner to develop your business with and grow the identity of your brand.

  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Video Design
  • Branding & Graphic Design
  • Logo design
  • web design
  • print
  • graphic design
  • video animation

With over 30 years in print and graphic design, Tic, which stands for ‘Tatiana’s in Charge’ are developing our clients communications with the sole purpose of grabbing attention.

Our motto of ‘We don’t do ugly’ is born out of the desire of Chris, the lead creative to deliver beautiful products that mean as much to us as their owners and they do to their clients.

We are the privileged position of only working in projects we fall in love with so we can give our clients our fullest attention and our maximum creative thoughts.


We build for small to medium enterprises as well adding the creative sparks that help our new business owners maximise their initial launches and grab the attention for the all important first few years.


We offer beautiful and creative web design, logo and brand development as well as graphic design for print and social media.

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