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  • App Development

    Melbourne, Australia & NZ

Wicked Witch is a video games developer founded in 2001 by managing director Daniel Visser. Originally operating out of Visser's residence working on Game Boy titles, Wicked Witch has grown to be one of Australia's best known studios and is currently located in Eastern Melbourne, Australia. Having developed and released more than 165 titles across all major platforms, Wicked Witch boasts an extensive history and is well positioned in the Australian industry.

  • App Development
  • Wicked Witch Engine
  • Unreal Engine
  • Unity
  • Programming
  • Networking
  • Animation
  • Game Development
  • App Development
  • Project Management
  • AWS S3
  • EC2
  • RDS
  • Route 3
  • C++
  • Photogrammetry
  • Motion Capture

With over 20 years experience in the ever-evolving world of games and technology, Wicked Witch are an established leading studio in Australia, and the world with extensive experience in all areas of software development, specializing in graphics and games. ​

Wicked Witch creates original IP for mobile, console and PC, co-develops and invests in a range of projects, and is a work for hire studio on a wide range of projects and platforms. ​

Wicked Witch has original technology, brand experience, amazing development teams and a rich company culture. ​ They are ready, willing and able to work on great content, delivered to the highest standards. ​

Do not hesitate to contact Wicked Witch for more details and a chance to work with one of the most passionate and experienced teams in Australia!


Wicked Witch Software is an established studio for 20 years that you can trust!

With over 20 years' experience with expert development teams, expert skills across all disciplines of game development. Reliable and flexible development, with transparent and honest communication, focused on the best results for your production.

Wicked Witch Software has experience delivering profile projects on time and budget.

We have worked with the leading Australian sports brands for more than fifteen years, and international clients such as Mattel, Games Workshop and Microsoft on flagship titles such as the beloved Age of Empires franchise.

Wicked Witch Software has success on all platforms and all game styles.

Across our 20 year history, we have completed dozens of console, PC, handheld and more than 40 mobile titles across most major platforms and hardware.

Robust processes, source control, security and insurance.

Wicked Witch has a proven track record in all software, development pipelines, waterfall and agile methodologies, project management, organization and execution of complex online games and systems.


Extensive co-development experience.

Wicked Witch Software have more than 20 years' experience collaborating, porting and co-developing games with teams all around the world. Working from Australia can be a major advantage on a project in regards to time zones and team management, as we are generally available for calls day and night and we work while you sleep, creating a 24-hour continuous development cycle.

Wicked Witch Software is extremely experienced within co-development environments, from management tools through to build pipelines, repository management, automated build processes, branches, merging and stage releases. We can set up and manage code bases and repositories with secure offsite backups for security in your project.

We pride ourselves on our honest, upfront, transparent and professional communication and co-operation. Strong and efficient communication is an essential tool to any successful development project. We are always positive, energetic, friendly and flexible as we focus on solutions, not problems.

As a solution for our extensive work across leading Australian sport brand video games, we have developed in-house facilities for photogrammetry with a scan process of just 2 minutes per character, and a full featured motion capture stage.

We have developed a sophisticated avatar editor for our sports game franchises that works in our custom engine, and in Unreal Engine across PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms. Users can create players and teams, and upload them to our server to be shared and downloaded by the online community. The system manages the UGC with download counts, popularity ratings and some reporting available.

We have constructed an effective and efficient system for handling environmental effects without our sports game franchises. Effects like weather shifting with realistic day cycles, dynamic crowds or even birds and butterflies allow our games to feel more like the real deal.

We have built a detailed audio system for handling the commentary and 3D audio in our sports game franchises that works in our custom engine, and in the Unreal Engine across PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms. Commentary lines are recorded on or offsite, processed and then called upon during gameplay depending on circumstances. Ultimately providing a more engaging experience to the player.

We have performed many platform conversions over the years. Ranging from direct ports, through to reduced and re-imagined versions for VR and mobile devices, as well as upscaling and remastering for newer or more powerful hardware.

We have experienced and expert team members that have been in the games industry for more than 25 years and know how to optimize assembler routines to maximize CPU cache, databus transfers, vsync and hsync techniques, dynamic transfer and hardware interrupt hooks to speed up any code and hardware configuration.

Goldforge Studios Yes

“We are a startup company based in Melbourne that were looking to link up with a developer who would be able to help us with our Android based puzzle game. The team at Wicked Witch were knowledgeable (part of the reason why we decided to reach out to them) and the communication was easy. We would use these guys again in the future for sure!”

Peter Daly, Producer, Goldforge Studios

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TeePee Games Yes

“Our small team here in Melbourne have used WW in the past to help us with an educational app that needed some much needed back-end guidance. The Wicked Witch team moved quickly into action and were able to draft up a timeline for when we wanted the project completed.”

Thomas Sutcliffe, Managing Director, TeePee Games

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