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  • Web Development | Web Design | Product Design | Content Management

    Brisbane, Australia & NZ

We specialise in Wordpress sites using the Divi theme and Woo Commerce for small businesses and start ups. Our fees are the best in the marketplace and include hosting and revisions. You can self manage or have us run the whole site.

  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Product Design
  • Content Management
  • Wordpress

Hi my name is Quentin Brown and the CEO of Web Marketing For Profit. All our websites that we build for our customers are responsive and will work on any platform from mobiles to TV’s. We keep up to date on all the latest technology available for your website. Whether you want a standard website for your business or a eCommerce solution we can help you. We specialise in small business and personal websites. We also provide training for those who want to do it themselves and offer support.


We have been creating websites and marketing strategies for businesses since 1998 when we established a small web design business for non profits and charities.

We then moved into software development in 2003 while still supporting new and old customers. In 2006 we started a training centre in Thailand which ran till 2012 where we taught youth web design and graphics. Many of our students moved in to NGOs and local businesses and some started their own projects.

2011 we moved into mobile websites until responsive sites became popular and then drifted back into websites and more training and coaching business. Much of this was sold off in 2016 leaving a small core team developing niche websites for small and home based businesses.


Many of our services have been developed over the years as technology has improved. We started coding websites back in 1998 and then moved to Microsoft Frontpage and Dreamweaver. Soon after this came Mambo CMS which is similar to Wordpress which then morphed into Joomla.

With the introduction of Wordpress and many of the new software tools for video and audio our work grew and developed to a much wider project and then mobile saw a lot of new customers.

We can now do most projects including websites, consulting and training to help you develop a strong online presence and use the wide range of services available.

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