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  • Video Design | Branding & Graphic Design

    Remote | Virtual | London | San José

ZEG is a virtual photo studio for e-Commerce Seller. No need to ship product/ props to a studio. Make stunning photos from your desktop at prices less than a studio.

  • Video Design
  • Branding & Graphic Design
  • Photos
  • videos
  • virtualphotos
  • augmentedreality
  • virtuareality
  • 3dphotos
  • virtualphotography

ZEG is a 3D AI company that rapidly creates a 3D version of your product which can be placed say on a mountain or a beach to get stunning photos. ZEG is focused on consumer goods at the moment. This includes beverages, personal care, cosmetics, boxes, healthcare and other similar products.   


Our company was founded in 2018 with sole aim to help Shopify/ Amazon/ Etsy sellers to get high quality visuals without an expensive photoshoot. We have worked with number of sellers who have seen 42% increase in conversion and 4x more engagement on variety of platforms including Amazon. 


ZEG is a product that anyone can use to get stunning photos. All you need is a smartphone photo of your product to get started. Upload the photo to get a 3D model. Adjust color of your product and attach the branding label. All you then need to do is select scenes/backgrounds where you can place the product. Once you are happy with the scene, click render to get stunning visuals. 

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